when the gales of November come early (kishmet) wrote,
when the gales of November come early

Tenipuri dolls! ajksdf

I've been playing with this elouai dollmaker thing all day. You would not believe how addictive this thing is. I made Ryoma with... I can't say it. Just click and look. XD All worksafe.

Fuji doll is curiously fashionable, despite his strange "I'm wearing a tie with an untucked shirt" look. I couldn't get rid of his skater boy wrist things. I think he likes them.

He scares me when his eyes are open.

I wasn't going to make an Atobe doll, but this shirt called for it.

Shut up, he can afford wings and a background if he wants them.

Kaidoh doll is potentially the sexiest of them all. That could just be my personal preference for angry-looking guys in tank tops, though.

I actually credit Inui with better fashion sense than this, although I probably shouldn't. Ignore the fact that his glasses are purple!

The girls are my favorites. Their clothes are so cute! This looks more like Sakuno and Tomo's love child than Sakuno, though, now that I look at her again.

An-chan! She's clearly up to something perhaps matchmaking for Momo and Kamio again?.

Mellow Tachibana, before his transformation. I think he borrowed the shirt from Chitose, or something.

Lord High Demon Captain Fudosan. What?

Shishipi looks mad. I think he's not a fan of Ueda and didn't realize what shirt he was wearing until too late.

Choutarou's an Ueda fan, though. Or maybe just a fan of Shishido's chest in general.

And now, my very favorites of all, aside from Fuji and the girls. :D

Tezuka doll is sort of... dorky. Okay, no, he's really, really dorky. I think it's that bag at his hip, or possibly the lavender shirt/vest combo, or perhaps both. At least he's better than Inui.

On the other hand, Ryoma doll is fashionable and cute.

Especially when he steals Tezuka's clothing. He looks better in it than Tezuka does, sadly. Note the smile that was strangely lacking while Ryoma was wearing his own clothes.

I couldn't find Kawamura's hair, or anything that looked properly Momo-esque. The best Eiji hair had this... sharp-toothed frog thing attached to the head, haha.

Now show me any Tenipuri dolls you guys make, or J-pop or J-rock or JE or HP or whatever! :D
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