when the gales of November come early (kishmet) wrote,
when the gales of November come early

HP5, the musical! Oh. It wasn't. Damn.

For some reason, what stood out to me most in this movie was SNAPE.

Good things:

The first Occlumency lesson, when Snape dragged Harry down to the dungeons in his pajamas, made me squee out loud. Also, the bit where Harry was trying to explain to Snape about the prophecy without letting Umbridge know? "I have no idea," in Alan Rickman's voice is the sexiest thing EVER. Why is this so? Nono, I changed my mind, heated glances exchanged between Harry and Snape are the sexiest thing, and the voice just helps.

I want young!Snape for my very own. SO FREAKING ADORABLE. And young!James and young!Sirius are very bad men.

My first moment of shock came when I saw Draco and Harry (well, Dan Radcliffe and Tom Felton) standing next to each other, and Harry looked so TINY. Then I was shocked again when I saw Harry and Neville together. How tall is Daniel Radcliffe anyway? Is he really as short as he looks, or are the rest of them abnormally huge?

Tonks was good, I thought. I liked her in the fifth book, though I didn't think much of her in the sixth. They pulled her off well in here. Dumbledore was FAR better in this one than in the last. Gred and Forge were BRILLIANT, in my opinion at least. Puking Pastilles for the win!

Haha, I loved Ginny's look whenever Harry talked to Cho. She looked like she was going to smack a bitch.

Errmmm, the baby thestral was cute, ditto Grawp. Umbridge was terrifying. Luna was good, I thought, with her constant dreamy look and her accent. Squee! Voldemort was as noseless as ever. I feel so bad for him. "I just want a nose, dammit, WHY CAN'T YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT." That's the real reason he looked so maniacally pleased when he took over Harry's body, I bet. "A YOUNG HEALTHY NOSE AT LAST!" ...I'm sorry. I simply feel that the lack of a nose will prevent me from ever taking him very seriously.

Bad things:

Yikes. Erm. Sirius' death, definitely. It was very sudden, very anticlimactic, and not really how I imagined the scene at all.

There was no proper explanation of the prophecy and its importance. It didn't bother me that much, but on the way out my mother asked the friends who'd come with us (who have never read the books) if they understood that bit, and they said no, not at all. I hate it when the movies aren't accessible to the people who haven't read the books, although I also hate it when people don't read the books. Sheesh. They're not that difficult to check out of the library and read!

Some of the scene transitions were kind of choppy. Most notably would be the bit where they segued directly from Harry having a nightmare to the Muggle underground, toward the beginning. I had no idea what was going on for a good ten seconds; I thought at first that it was another dream sequence.

The twins' exit scene was great, except that it happened during OWLs (which, buh? Umbridge was the only one presiding over those or...something? What?) and then transitioned right into Harry having that vision of Sirius. It's been awhile since I read the book (a month...) but I don't recall those things being right on top of each other by that. A lot of things were condensed, though, and most of them were handled more acceptably.

I didn't like the last scene in Umbridge's office, where she was talking about the Cruciatus Curse and Veritaserum and using those things on minors. I guess it made sense of the fact that Cho was the one who told on the DA (which, by the way, was very wtf in and of itself), but it was just... dumb.

The kiss was just... awkward. I think it was made all the more awkward by the fact that it wasn't physically awkward, which it probably should have been. More so, anyway. Then he's like "Well, wet..." and I'm like, "Man, that was the least awkward first kiss I've ever seen in a movie, and all you can say is WET?!" Harry, if you'd rather be kissing Snape or Malfoy, that's fine by me, but...

Speaking of which, MOAR MALFOY PLZ. They'd better make him the focus of the sixth one, since he totally is, or else I'm going to have to kill someone.

In conclusion, SNARRY. I mean, TWINCEST. I mean SNAPE. Yes.

...all right, to be honest I don't remember as much of the movie as I'd like, because my PURSE WAS STOLEN. ;_; So my mom, my sister and I went at like 4am to file a police report, and the chances of me ever seeing it again are really really low. I should be more concerned about, say, the $60 that were in there (which I am, sort of, since I'm saving up for AX next year) or my car keys or my driver's license.

Unfortunately, my Tezuka and Ryoma mechanical pencils were in there too, as well as my Ryoma keychain. I JUST got them at ACen this year, so I'm pretty sad about those, especially since whoever took the purse will probably take the money and throw the rest away. I HATE THAT. I feel like putting up reward posters going, "Okay, you can keep the money, but please give my OTP pencils back. ;_; Please. ;_; Without them I'll fail my test tonight." Waaah.
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