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Drabble...or fic-ish thing, I dunno

Note: I just wanted to write a fic from the perspective of drunk!Kaidoh. Call this a whim, or something, I guess. Written, as usual, at sometime around six am...also, I will be around today. Sorry, I lied. I'll be gone for a bit (at work) but my brother had surgery today so someone's filling in the rest of the time for me. I'm so lame, forgetting that...

Title: Drunk
Author: kishmet
Pairing: InuKai
Rating: PG, just 'cause of the whole alcohol thing.
Disclaimer: I don't own Prince of Tennis.
Summary: Kaidoh's drunk. Inui-senpai is nice.
Another Note: Oh, and also, this means that it's definitely disutansu's turn to post XP

I blink my eyes open. My head feels funny, can’t see too well. Everything’s all blurry. I’m moving, but I don’t think I’m walking. Feet are off the ground. Oh. Someone’s carrying me. Have to be really strong to do that. Who?

“Where’m I?” Can’t talk good either. I’m all sleepy, maybe that’s why.

“I’m taking you back to your dormitory, Kaidoh.” Low, deep voice. I try to focus my eyes. Oh, Inui-senpai. He’s the one carrying me. That’s okay then. Inui-senpai’s nice.

“Why’m I-what happened?” My voice sounds funny. It must be really late, I’m so sleepy.

“You were at a party, remember?” His voice is so nice, gentle and kind of...warm. Warm? Can voices be warm? I don’t know. I think so. I can feel his voice when he talks, because I’m up against him. It’s a good feeling. I try to move closer.

...oh. He said something. About a party? Do I remember? I try to think. Yes. I remember some things. There were lots of people. I don’t like being around lots of people. Sitting in a corner, watching everyone. I was feeling sick so I went outside. I think Inui-senpai was outside with me. I think. I don’t know.

I nod and say, “I ‘member, Inui-shhenpai.” Inui-shenpai. That’s funny, but I’m too sleepy to laugh.

His voice again. “Someone placed some sort of alcoholic beverage into most of the drinks. You’re intoxicated.” He sounds kind of angry. Angry with me? I don’t want that. Kouhai shouldn’t make their senpai angry. Especially not when their senpai are nice like Inui-senpai. He’s carrying me when I’m sleepy, that’s nice of him.

I try to look up at him again. Can’t see his eyes, he has those glasses on. I want to see his eyes, or I won’t know if he’s mad at me.

He stops walking when I reach a hand slowly and carefully up to his face. Can’t move right, have to be careful. Don’t want to poke him in the eye. “Kaidoh?” he asks. He sounds surprised. I think.

“Jus’ want to see your eyesshh,” I tell him. That was almost a hiss at the end of that word, even though I didn’t mean to hiss. Huh. What was I doing? Oh yes, eyessshh...no, eyes.

“Here,” and I feel his hand on mine. That’s a good feeling. His hand is warm, sort of like his voice. “Just rest now.” I watch his other hand go up to his face and he takes his glasses off. That’s good. I can see his eyessshh...eyes now.

He has nice eyes. Pretty eyes. He probably wouldn’t like it if I said they were pretty. What’s the other word, the one for boys? “Handsome,” I say, remembering. “Nice eyessshh.”

He’s looking down at me. Why’s he looking like that? Maybe I made him angry again. “Shhorry, shhenpai,” I say. I don’t want him to be angry.

He takes a minute to answer me. Maybe he is mad. “It’s all right. You don’t have to apologize,” he says. He stops looking at me and starts walking again. Okay, good. He’s not mad.

I like being cradled in his arms like this. It’s comfortable. I could sleep here all night. I’m so sleepy. I try not to yawn because that might be rude. I can’t be rude to my senpai.

“Would you hold my glasses for a moment?” he asks. “I need to open this door.”

I nod. “Okay.” He hands them to me. Careful. I have to be careful not to drop them and break them.

We stop for a minute. I can hear him opening the door, then we turn and go through. Careful with the glasses, I remind myself. Can’t break them.

It’s dark. Where? Oh, my room. My dormitory. Must be. I feel him putting me down on the bed. I forgot he’d have to let go sometime. Don’t want him to let go though. “Don’ go, shhenpai,” I say, holding on to his arm. He smells good too. His voice is nice and warm, and his arms...don’t want him to go.

“Go to sleep, Kaidoh.” Sleep. That sounds good. I’m so sleepy, but I want him to stay. He hasn’t let go, not quite. Maybe he’ll still stay with me.

Oh wait, his glasses. “Here, Inui-shhenpai.” I hand them to him. Can’t see, but maybe he can. He takes them, anyway. Good. Now I won’t break them and make him angry.

So sleepy. His arm still cradling my head because I haven’t let go. A light touch on my forehead. Feels like a kiss, like my mother used to give me at night. That’s nice. Inui-senpai is nice. “Good night, Kaidoh.” Can’t tell if he really said that. Am I dreaming? Might be.

I feel his arm gently pulling away. Don’t want him to go...but I’m so sleepy. See him tomorrow, maybe. Tell him how nice he is. “Night, shhenpai,” I say back, just in case I’m not dreaming. Then I can feel myself falling asleep for real. So tired, so dark.

Good night, senpai, is the last thing I remember thinking, and thank you.

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