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dragones y otras cosas interesantes (or not)

Eeee I'm so excited I finally have good dragon pictures!



These things beat the ones I have up at scaleskish by... um, a lot. And by "a lot" I mean A LOT.

Please note that I still don't have a good camera. :| These pictures were taken by Donya and Zoe, the respective owners of Dream and Kei-chan. My camera is, in fact, still made of massive fail.

Also I fail at finishing anything that even resembles fic these days, partially because of my exchange assignments (both of which I love like crazy ♥), partially because of Subrosa (about which I have... no comment), partially because of school, and partially because I suck. Okay, mostly because I suck. In any case, have a ficlet thing and tell me if I should try finishing it or not. I might be posting a lot of fic snippets for awhile, since that's all I freaking have. XD


Niou sauntered into the room and held out the slip of paper with his name on it. “Niou Masaharu,” he informed the photographer unnecessarily.

“Thank you.” The photographer took the piece of paper and gestured to the chair in front of the plain, boring blue backdrop that had a few halfhearted white clouds painted on it, as though it would ever really look like sky. “Please sit there, Niou-kun.”

Niou nodded solemnly, walked over and sat down in the chair, his back straight, posture perfect.

“Perfect,” said the photographer. “Smile, please.” Niou didn’t, and the camera flashed because school photographers didn’t actually care whether the students smiled or not. “Thank you, Niou-kun.”

Niou got up and went back into the waiting area that had been set up on the other side of the empty classroom. Five minutes later, the photographer’s assistant came around the corner and handed him the piece of paper back, along with his shiny new student ID.

Yagyuu’s face looked up at him from the card, neatly parted hair, glasses, and all. Niou looked up at the assistant with the exact same face. “Thank you very much,” he said, and adjusted his glasses.


“Here. Tell me what you think.” Niou grinned, his shit-eating grin, the one that said he was up to something, or at least trying to make someone think he was up to something. Generally whatever “something” he was up to (or not) was going to be really unpleasant for the person who saw him grinning like that.

Yagyuu, one of the few exceptions to that rule, took the laminated card Niou was handing him and studied it. “…interesting.”

“Yeah?” Niou was still grinning. He plopped down next to Yagyuu on the bench, sprawling so that one of his legs was beneath Yagyuu’s and one was stretched out to the side.

“Yes indeed.” Yagyuu handed back the card and returned to his novel. Such a lack of reaction meant either that he was up to something himself, or that he was trying to make someone think that he wasn’t up to something, or that he really wasn’t and he just didn’t care. His range of possibilities was slightly larger than Niou’s, given that most people’s default assumption about Niou was that he was up to something no matter what.

“So?” Niou pressed, wanting something better.

“So what?” Yagyuu returned calmly.

“So you don’t even care that I’ve got your picture on my ID?”

“Should I?”

“Nah,” said Niou, watching Yagyuu closely. “So your class has their ID photo shoot tomorrow, right?”

Yagyuu nodded, eyes still fixed on the page of his book. “Yes, it is, barring unforeseen circumstances.” He turned the page.

“Unforeseen circumstances, huh?” Niou, who always enjoyed causing unforeseen circumstances, said the words with a certain amount of relish.

Yagyuu did not reply, but a close observer (very close, as Niou was) would have seen the slight smile that curved one side of his lips. Satisfied with that, Niou leaned on Yagyuu’s shoulder and shut his eyes.

“Don’t fall asleep on me,” said Yagyuu.

“Yeah, whatever,” said Niou, since they both knew Yagyuu didn’t really mean it.


Niou fell into step with Yagyuu between classes the next day. “So, what’s up?”

“The ceiling, as far as I’m aware,” Yagyuu replied with a perfectly straight face.

“Point,” said Niou, nodding. “Got your picture taken?”

“Of course,” said Yagyuu.


They walked along in easy silence for another thirty seconds or so, during which Niou pondered locking Sanada into the bathrooms with Akaya again. Last time Niou had ended up with a large purple and green bruise across his face (from when Yanagi had finally managed to get the door open and Sanada had stormed out right in front of Kirihara, who’d been complaining loudly that Sanada-fukubuchou was boring), which he’d rather thought was a fashion statement. He’d told everyone that Yagyuu was a wifebeater, which had caused Sanada some extra displeasure but had only amused Yagyuu himself.

Nah, Niou decided, although it might have been hilarious to have a bruise like that for his ID photo, at this point it would be more uncomfortable than entertaining. “Clashes with my hair anyway,” he mused.

“Purple and green clashes with everything,” said Yagyuu mildly, thus proving that he could, in fact, read Niou’s mind. That was all right though, since Niou could frequently read Yagyuu’s as well.

“Like it matters, with our gorgeous jerseys,” said Niou, rolling his eyes exaggeratedly. “How’d your picture turn out, anyway?”

“It’s fine.”

“Yeah?” Niou looked at him expectantly. “Going to show me, Hiroshi? Or do I have to pick your pockets aga-” Then he stopped and grinned, because Yagyuu had deftly caught the hand Niou had stuck into his pocket with the intention of being sneaky about it.

“Patience,” said Yagyuu, “is a virtue.”

“Not one of my many virtues, though,” said Niou.

“True.” Yagyuu extricated Niou’s hand from his pocket, and then pulled out his wallet. He opened it and showed Niou his new ID card. Niou blinked and leaned closer. There, in full-color, under glossy lamination was… Yagyuu. Not Yagyuu-as-Niou, either, but Yagyuu-as-Yagyuu.

“So you…” said Niou, glancing up.

Yagyuu nodded.

“So then we’re both…”

Yagyuu didn’t nod this time, but he wore the absolutely flat expression that meant he was definitely up to something, and met Niou’s eyes.

“Hey,” said Niou, a slow smirk crossing his face. “Brilliant.”

The possibilities, after all, were endless.
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