when the gales of November come early (kishmet) wrote,
when the gales of November come early

STOP! In the name of meme!

Hello all! I will have Swan Prince up today or tomorrow, never fear. I forgot how long the editing process takes with something that's over 15,000 words. *facepalm*

Now, just as Tezuka/Ryoma fandom was comparatively slow back in October, Atobe/Ryoma fandom has been slow for awhile now! And I know a lot of you guys are fans, just like I am, even if we haven't been so active lately. So, to help pick up the pace of Royal Pair a little, we decided that the best idea would be to host:

An Atobe/Ryoma Drabblememe!

Whether you've written them before or not, whether you've read them before or not, come out and play! If you don't feel like writing, post some fanart, screenshots, meta, text prompts, anything that might get someone else's creativity flowing! Post anon, post under your name, post with someone else and do the round robin drabble thing - whatever!

This is my last day of fun before my break is officially over, and I want to celebrate my freedom by reading and writing loads of snark. :D So come on. Humor this poor, snark-deprived Kish, and drabble some Royal Pair.

As a sort of bonus (er, if you count it as that- wait, no, I mean Ore-sama no bigi ni... yoina! *smirks*), if you do post anything on the meme, leave a prompt with it! I'll be here all day, and you know I'm willing to write anything, no matter how crazy. I will reply to your comment with a drabble/ficlet/monster AU fic that eats my brain, if you want me to! What better way to spread the AtoRyo love than with MORE drabbles? Right?
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