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Happy Birthday, Inui Sadaharu!!

Posting this while I can, given that I'm not really supposed to be on the Net!!! Wrote this drabble earlier while at a 4-H food drive XD It sucks, but that's all right!

Title: Cake
Author: Kish
Rating: G
Note: This is sooooo strange. Oh well ^_____^ Had to write something for Inui's birthday, now didn't I?

Inui looked from the cake to Kaidoh and then back again. He was probably blinking behind his glasses, although it was hard to tell. He certainly looked startled enough, even when you couldn’t see the eyes behind the lenses.

“It’s lovely, Kaidoh,” Inui said with an air of enormous surprise. “Did you purchase this cake?”

Kaidoh, who had turned a shade of pink as deep as the color of the frosting roses on the cake, mumbled something that was quite unintelligible. Inui leaned in to try to hear him better, to no avail.

“What was that, Kaidoh?” Inui asked politely. “I apologize, I could not hear you properly.”

Kaidoh stared fixedly down at the ground then spoke a bit louder. “I made it, senpai.”

There was not very much that could startle Inui; he was, after all, a collector of data. Especially, if the truth was told, data on a particular bandana-wearing kouhai of his. This, though, was something he never would have expected to hear. None of his pages upon pages of data could have predicted this. He had to think for a moment before he could be one hundred percent certain of what Kaidoh had said.

“You...made this cake for me?” Inui asked, staring at the extraordinary confectionary creation. It had ribbons and swags made of icing all along the sides, and the top was graced with several red, yellow, and pink roses, also made of frosting. Inui would have sworn that it had been bought at a bakery, and a rather expensive one at that.

“I’m sorry, senpai,” Kaidoh said suddenly, still looking down. “I knew that your parents would be away on your birthday, so I thought that a cake would be...I’m sorry.” Kaidoh lapsed back into silence.

Kaidoh made cakes? Kaidoh could decorate cakes that could undoubtedly be sold for quite a bit of money? More to the point...Kaidoh had made one of these cakes for him? Inui slowly smiled, murmuring, “Ii data.”

Kaidoh looked up, looking rather guilty. “What, senpai?”

“The cake is beautiful,” Inui said, grinning at him in an attempt to make his kouhai feel better. “Thank you very much for thinking of me on my birthday, Kaidoh.”

Kaidoh blushed a shade of pink that was actually deeper than the pink frosting. “You’re welcome, Inui-senpai.” He hesitated, then added, “Happy birthday.”

Inui said “Thank you,” again, meaning it very sincerely. Indeed, Kaidoh had just made Inui’s birthday very, very happy, even if he didn’t know it.

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