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Fic: Fitting [TachiTez]

Title: Fitting (for some lame reason or another)
Author: Kish
Pairing: TachiTez
Fandom: PoT
Theme: #61, "over-sized shirt"
Rating: PG...erm...ish?
Note: This is so incredibly lame. Please forgive me, everyone XD I had to write this, though.

Tezuka Kunimitsu always wore shirts that fitted him neatly. Whether they were silk formal shirts, cotton semi-formal work shirts, or short-sleeved shirts for exercise, they hung on him perfectly. They were neither too tight (except for one of two of the t-shirts, but that was an acceptable kind of tight) nor too loose. There could be no doubt that Tezuka was very particular when it came to his attire.

This, of course, explained why Tezuka was as horrified as he ever got when he saw his reflection in the mirror on one certain night. Not only was the shirt he was wearing an alarming shade of purple and had the name of an obscure rock band printed across the front in neon colors, it was also about three sizes too large.

To put it mildly, Tezuka was Not Pleased.

Tezuka and his partner, Tachibana Kippei, were staying at the house of a cousin of Tachibana’s for a few days. There would be family gatherings the next several afternoons, which the two men were dutifully attending. Everyone in Tachibana’s family wanted to be introduced to the young man who was generally referred to as “very polite and formal.” (He was also referred to as “dead sexy” by certain members of the family, although Tezuka himself was not aware of that fact.)

Unfortunately, Tezuka’s luggage had been lost on the plane ride, and thus far they had been unable to reclaim it. This was despite the fact that Tezuka had used his cold, stern gaze on the airport officials until they had been desperate to find the travel cases so they wouldn’t have to face him again. Tezuka had, of course, a change of clothing in his carry-on, because one never knew what would come up. But although the pants could be deemed suitable for sleeping, the shirt was a type that would become horrendously wrinkled if slept in, and Tezuka preferred not to use it for such.

Tachibana (who had his luggage but slept minus clothing anyway, so it hardly mattered) had been somewhat...less than helpful. When Tezuka had explained the problem to the other as they were preparing to sleep, Tachibana had suggested that he sleep shirtless. Tezuka replied that it was hardly proper to sleep half-naked in the home of someone he barely knew. Tachibana had then suggested, with a straight face, that perhaps Tezuka would feel more comfortable sleeping entirely naked instead.

Luckily enough, Tachibana took the hint when Tezuka’s response to that came in the form of an exceptionally steely glare. He’d nodded and said, “I’ll ask if anyone has something you can borrow,” which had seemed an adequate solution at the time.

However, now that Tezuka found himself looking at his somewhat undignified reflection feeling a twitch coming on, the solution seemed slightly less adequate. He suspected that the shirt had been borrowed from a younger, probably female relative with questionable fashion taste.

Tezuka emerged from the bathroom, keeping his gaze level as he walked, trying to retain some scrap of pride. He entered his and Tachibana’s room, prepared to...discuss...this with his partner.

“Kippei,” he began stiffly, turning to shut the door behind him. He had not yet turned back when a pair of familiar arms encircled him, and Tachibana murmured in his ear, “Kunimitsu, that shirt looks good on you.”

“I do not believe that this attire is-” Tezuka started, pushing the door all the way closed, annoyed at having been interrupted. His speech was interrupted again, though...and his irritation was interrupted as well.

Tachibana easily slid a hand up the front of the roomy shirt, at the same time trailing kisses down the side of Tezuka’s neck. “It looks very good.” Tachibana’s fingers found a spot on Tezuka’s chest that made Tezuka shiver unwillingly, and stilled the usually stoic man’s protests.

In the next few minutes, Tezuka began to consider the merits of buying a shirt like this for use at home. In the few minutes after that, thoughts of the shirt vanished completely.

Surprisingly enough, although Tezuka refused to sleep shirtless in a near-stranger’s house, he apparently did not disapprove of their activities that night...although admittedly, in keeping with propriety, he never did remove his shirt.


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