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FIC: Body Art

Well, this was inspired by trinityhelix's picture of blonde Kippei with an earring XD It's not very good, just a drabble I wrote when I was super ultra mega tired ^^;;;

Title: Body Art
Author: Kish
Rating: PG
Pairing: TachiTez
Fandom: PoT
Theme: #78, "body art" (thus explaining my amazingly uncreative title XD)

Tezuka had long since become accustomed to Tachibana’s long blonde hair. “Accustomed” wasn’t even the proper word for it, because Tezuka actually rather liked the hair grown out as it was. On anyone else he would have thought that the style was juvenile and unprofessional, something better suited to adolescence. But Tachibana looked quite dignified and businesslike, even with hair such as that.

Also, (although Tezuka would never, ever admit it out loud, or even in so many words in his own mind) it was oddly satisfying to run one’s hair through such a mane in a moment of passion.

Tezuka had learned to live with the small gold hoop earring Tachibana had gotten one day. It had certainly disquieted him at first. It gave Tachibana an almost roguish look, as though he belonged to some sort of gang. But after a while, Tezuka had seen that it fit Tachibana’s style perfectly, merely serving to add an edge to his businesslike appearance.

And (despite his firm denials when queried) Tezuka found it strangely appealing to be able to curl his tongue around and through it while licking and nibbling at the edge of his partner’s ear.

Tezuka had more of a problem with this most recent change Tachibana had made. “You’ve gotten a tattoo,” Tezuka stated flatly, looking at the dragon that was newly inked on Tachibana’s left shoulder blade.

Tachibana glanced back at him. He’d been facing away from Tezuka, shirtless, in order to show off his new acquisition. “Yes, I have,” he replied calmly.

“I must inform you that I do not approve,” said Tezuka, keeping his voice neutral. He felt that the tattoo made Tachibana look ridiculously like a street punk.

“Hm,” said Tachibana thoughtfully. “But you found that you liked my hair long, after your initial objection.” Tezuka nodded shortly, agreeing.

“And you seem to have found some things you like about my earring,” Tachibana said meditatively, turning around to meet Tezuka’s eyes. Tezuka nodded acquiescence again, eyes narrowing.

“Then,” Tachibana continued, “we’ll just have to find something you like about this, too." His tone was mild, but his gaze was heated and told Tezuka exactly what they would be doing to discover what Tezuka could possibly like about the tattoo. Tezuka paused for a moment, then nodded a third time. “Yes,” he said finally, “we will have to do that.”

Because (even though he would willingly have died an exceedingly painful death rather than admit it) finding out what he liked about these things was what Tezuka liked the very most.


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