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FIC: Sober (part one)

'kay, the promised sequel to "Drunk"...well, one of them, anyway. There'll be two parts to this, too. It's probably lame. I finished it last night, and I was sooooo tired. I only write when I'm tired, I wonder why?

Title: Sober
Author: Kish
Pairing: InuKai
Fandom: PoT
Rating: PG (alcohol references again)
Summary: Kaidoh doesn't remember what happened...but Inui's there to remind him.

~Sober, part one~

I wake up slowly, coming out of a dream I can just barely remember. I blink my eyes open then wish I hadn’t as pain lances through my head. I shut my eyes tightly against the daylight that seems much too bright. I wonder why I have a headache like this one. Am I sick?

“Are you awake, Kaidoh?” That voice...I have to concentrate to place it. The headache is terrible; the light seems to come through my eyelids even when they’re closed. The voice is Inui-senpai’s, I realize after a minute of thought. I dreamed about that voice, I remember. I pull the blankets on the bed up to my face, partly to block the light and partly because I’m embarrassed at the memory of my dream. Why would I dream about Inui-senpai carrying me, and about his voice?

“If you drink this mixture I’ve prepared, your headache should be alleviated,” he says. I open my eyes again, although I have to squint to be able to bear it. Inui-senpai’s holding out a glass of something...blue? Somehow, I can’t object to it this time. I’ll do anything to get rid of this horrible headache. I accept the glass and drink it all, not even noticing the taste.

He waits for me to finish and takes the glass when I’m done, putting it on the bedside table. “I-Inui-senpai,” I begin, testing to see if my voice is working better than my vision.

“Yes?” he asks me, his tone full of concern. I feel myself blush slightly, because that was exactly how he sounded in my dream.

“How-why did you-” I stop to think about what I’m asking. The headache is already getting better, thankfully, so it’s easier. What do I want to ask him? Well... “why are you in my room?” is the first question that comes to mind, but that would be rude of me. “How did you know I would have a headache?” is what I think of next, but maybe that would sound ungrateful.

Another, more pressing question nags at me now that I’m feeling better, and my eyes widen. “Inui-senpai, what time is it?” I ask urgently. With all the daylight coming in, even through the curtains that Inui-senpai must have pulled shut, I’m afraid it’s far later than it should be.

“It’s one-thirty in the afternoon,” he tells me gently. “You slept for quite some time.”

I panic then. “I need to get to class!” I exclaim, pulling myself up off the bed. “I-I’m already very late!”

He lays a restraining hand on my shoulder when I try to go past him, and shakes his head. “No. I already sent notes of explanation to your teachers. I believe several of your classmates will be absent as well, today.”

I sit back down on the bed, surprised. Other people will be missing class? But why? “Senpai,” I say slowly, “what happened last night?”

He pauses for a minute, then says, “Kaidoh...ah...” I can tell that whatever it is troubles him. I don’t like that; I don’t like seeing Inui-senpai look worried like this.

He clears his throat and looks away from me, at the far wall. “Last night, you became unintentionally intoxicated.” For a second he looks angry, frowning.

His words register, and I whisper, “I was...drunk?”

He nods, and confirms, “Yes, you were drunk.”

I am appalled to hear this. I can’t remember where I was last night, or what I did, and now I know why. I don’t remember drinking anything alcoholic. Oh, no, what will my parents think?

“Senpai,” I say, upset, “my parents will be angry when they find out. Do you know why I was drinking? Where was I? I’m sorry, senpai,” I add, remembering my manners. I cast my eyes downward. “I shouldn’t ask you all these questions-”

“It’s fine, Kaidoh.” Something in his voice startles me and I look up at him quickly. He continues, “It was not your fault, not anything of what happened last night. You were at a party.”

Try as I might, I draw a complete blank when it comes to thinking of this party. No, wait. “I remember being invited to a party,” I say, thinking. “But...I don’t remember being there.”

“I’m not surprised,” Inui-senpai says, shaking his head. “There were pitchers of soda and the like at the party, and...someone...decided to add very liberal amounts of alcohol to them. I am not certain who it was yet...” he says, looking angry again. “But I believe the school staff is working to discover the identity of the perpetrator. As I said, you were not the only student to wake up in this...ah...condition.”

“Oh,” I reply, and then another awful thought strikes me. “Senpai, I didn’t...what did I do when I was at the party?” I hope and pray that I didn’t do anything foolish, anything to offend anyone.

Inui-senpai is quick to reassure me: “Nothing objectionable, Kaidoh,” he says with a faint smile. “You simply fell asleep and could not be woken.”

I can’t help breathing a sigh of relief. But...if I was asleep, then... “Senpai,” I say curiously, “how did I get back here, if I was asleep?”

He takes a second before answering me. “You do not remember?” he asks.

“No,” I tell him, wondering at his behavior.

He looks away from me again. “I brought you back here,” he says quietly.

He brought me back to my dorm? Inui-senpai brought me back, and then he came in the morning to give me something to help with my headache, and to explain? “You-you’re too kind, senpai,” I stammer. And then something from my half-forgotten dream comes to the forefront of my mind. “Did you-did you carry me back, Inui-senpai?” I ask him, afraid that I am being rude but more afraid that I will never know what was dream and what was reality.

He replies, “Yes, I did.” He is still carefully avoiding my eyes, I see. I wonder why he’s acting like this. He seems nervous, on edge. I don’t understand; if my dream really happened then it’s me who should be nervous. I remember more than him carrying me. I remember that I-

“Perhaps I should leave now,” he says, suddenly cutting into my thoughts. “Perhaps you would like to be alone.”

No, no I wouldn’t like to be alone. I don’t want him to leave the room, not now. I get to my feet, not sure what I’m going to do. I can’t tell what he’s thinking. Is he angry with me? Upset? All I know is that I have to stop him from leaving.

“Senpai, wait,” I say quickly, taking a step and catching hold of his arm.

“Yes?” He turns to face me, and he is surprised, I can tell that much.

I don’t really understand why I’m doing this, except that I remember my “dream” and the feelings that came with it. I remember warm, strong arms around me and a kind voice telling me what was going on. I remember... “Inui-senpai, may I...may I see your eyes?” I can’t believe I asked that. He’s going to leave, he probably won’t ever want to see me again. I’ve offended him, I’m certain.

“I’m so sorry, sen-” I begin, almost stuttering in my haste to speak. But before I can continue, there is a finger laid gently on my lips. “It’s all right,” he says, “there’s no need for you to apologize.”

He lowers his hand and takes mine in it, brings my hand up to his face, to the rim of his glasses. Slowly, carefully, I remove the lenses that hide his eyes from my sight.

He blinks once, then he meets my eyes with his. I can only think that I was right last night when I thought his eyes were pretty, handsome, nice. They are some of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, and I can’t tear myself away from them. They’re more beautiful because they belong to Inui-senpai, who helps me study, who helps me to practice for tennis matches, who carries me back to my room if I’m drunk, who gets angry with the person who made me drunk, who takes care of me when I wake up with a headache.

He leans down and kisses me, very, very lightly. His arms go around me, and I put my arms up, around his neck, pulling him closer, still being very careful with his glasses.

The kiss is too short, in my opinion. I know that I’m blushing when we break apart, but I’m happy. “You...you have nice eyes, Inui-senpai,” I say, staring down at the floor.

He laughs, sounding truly happy for the first time today. He doesn’t let go of me, and I don’t mind at all. “Thank you, Kaidoh.” He brings a hand up, tilting my chin so I’m looking up at him. “But I believe your eyes are even nicer.”

He’s kissing me again then, and this time it lasts longer, and is deeper. His breath mingles with mine, his tongue plays gently with mine, and I can’t help but think that maybe getting drunk wasn’t so bad after all.


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