when the gales of November come early (kishmet) wrote,
when the gales of November come early

All day long I think of things, but nothing seems to satisfy

I don't know that I've ever done a proper paranoia meme. What better time than New Year's? Chances are you're on this list if you read it, and if you're not, it's not that I don't have anything to say to you, just nothing cryptic and anonymous. That's good, right?

P.S. One of these is aimed at the United States Postal Service. See if you can guess which one!

01. Now that we're in the same fandom, we have got to talk more often. It might help if I was online more frequently, so I'll work on that.

02. You're a conundrum wrapped in an enigma tied up in a mystery bow with a tag that reads Anon, and yet you're still the most obvious anonymous commenter ever.

03. You're kind of weird... I mean that in the most complimentary way possible, but I'm not sure why I think you're cool enough to compliment.

04. You blocked me on messenger and I don't know why. More than that, though, I feel bad for being relieved when you did, because I don't know what to say to you, only that something needs to be said.

05. You are sweet and adorable, and I wish I had more time to hang out and talk with you. Thank you for being willing to talk to me whenever I'm available, anyway.

06. I get along with you a lot better now that I've matured some, and I'm so happy things have turned out this way. You'll never stop being intimidating, but you'll never stop being awesome, either.

07. You did something for me that you're probably not even aware of, and I'm kind of happy you don't know because being grateful for this makes me kind of a bitch.

08. You've been around for me for a long time, and I'm only sorry I can't be around often enough for you these days. Keep emailing, okay?

09. You probably have no idea how much I fangirl you, and you'll probably have no idea this is for you. Your comments are always so intelligent and your writing rocks, and I think we could've been good friends if our fandoms had overlapped for longer.

10. The fact that you still put up with me and are so kind to me is amazing. No matter how often you say nice things to me, I will always privately think that you're the one most deserving of those words.

11. You're my best friend in the world and you always will be.

12. Even though we never would have been inclined to hang out (or met, for that matter) if not for a mutual friend, you've been incredible and I now count you as my friend, too. You've restored a large portion of my faith in humanity!

13. Your sketches in Y!M remain brilliant. Never stop, please.

14. You're back, and you'd better be here to stay! We all missed you.

15. If you ever read this, I'm sorry for writing creepy real person fic about you. Sort of sorry.

16. Look, you can tell me that postal rates have gone up WHILE I'M AT THE POST OFFICE, but don't just send half my Christmas packages and envelopes back to me. That lurching feeling in my stomach followed by grim resignation was not pleasant.

17. Your talents are very different from mine, but I respect them just as much as I respect mine, or more.

18. So many things about you continue to impress me, even though we have little in common. I've never been able to express my admiration properly, and I regret that.

19. You're one of the strongest people I know. Keep hangin' on. I know you will.

20. You already know everything I could possibly tell you here, and what you don't know yet, I hope you'll stick around to find out.

21. We lost touch awhile ago, but I wonder how you're doing just about every day. I'm sorry.
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