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A fic...and...that's all, a fic, yeah

Title: Not Jealous
Author: Kish
Pairing: Tezuka/Tachibana
Fandom: PoT
Theme: #92, "jealousy"
Note: This is lame, I'm sorryyyyyyyy...I wrote it in the dark, on the way home from a meeting XD;;;; That's my excuse, anyway XD

~Not Jealous~

Tachibana’s high school reunion was proving to be even less pleasant than Tezuka had imagined it would be. There was the expected small talk, the pointless reminiscing, the exclamations of how so-and-so had changed so much, all things Tezuka hated.

But there was also something else that Tezuka hated even more.

Although he and Tachibana had arrived in the same car, walked in arm-in-arm, and were most definitely walking through the large room together, it seemed that some people had nothing better to do than to flirt with people who clearly were not romantically available.

Not, Tezuka had to admit, that he could really blame them for being drawn to the most handsome man in the room. They obviously had exceedingly good taste; his companion was dressed in a nicely fitting three-piece suit, his blonde hair tucked back into a neat ponytail with one strand of hair left fashionably framing the side of his face.

“Tachibana-san, you’re even better looking than I remembered!” The grown woman had come close to squealing when she’d seen Tachibana...squealing, Tezuka thought distastefully. “How have you been doing?”

“I’ve been well,” Tachibana said, a bit too politely, if Tezuka could have voiced his opinion. The woman was petite, with her hair well-coiffed and a nice enough dress, but she was irritating. It was a high school reunion, and she still acted like a young girl. Tezuka very much disapproved of such immaturity in adults who were supposed to be his peers.

The woman (girl, as Tezuka now thought of her in his head, given her behavior) soon called over two of her friends, and they all began gushing over the general merits of the tennis star of their school’s team. Tachibana replied to whatever they said in a very good-mannered sort of way, which somehow served to annoy Tezuka further, despite his general appreciation of good etiquette.

They dropped subtle hints about how they were available, how they weren’t busy on such-and-such night, and how much they’d enjoy seeing Tachibana more often than just every reunion.

When the girls started to ask questions about Tezuka himself, referring to him as “Tachibana-san’s friend,” Tezuka had had more than enough. He was about to state coldly that neither one of them were available for lunch, dinner, or any other meal they could think of, when Tachibana suddenly said, still very politely, “I’m sorry, would you please excuse us for a minute? I left something of mine in the car.”

“Well, we can talk to your friend while you’re gone!” one of the women said brightly. The others giggled and looked at Tezuka in a way he hadn’t seen since junior high. He’d hoped never to see a look like that again.

But Tachibana put his arm around Tezuka’s waist and shook his head. “I apologize, but I think my partner could use some air, as well.”

The girls, who hopefully had taken the not-so-subtle hints, subsided into silence as they walked away.

Tezuka raised an eyebrow at Tachibana as they walked through the parking lot to their car, a small, stylish model, painted matte grey. “I wasn’t aware that you had forgotten anything.”

“I didn’t,” Tachibana replied, and his grip tightened on Tezuka’s waist. Tezuka found himself pinned between the car and Tachibana, which given the circumstances was quite an acceptable place to be. “But neither you nor I enjoy public displays of affection.”

Tezuka inclined his head a bit. “True.”

“You looked jealous,” Tachibana said with a slight smile, and met Tezuka’s lips with his own. They kissed for an entire five minutes in the parking lot, leaning against the car in the chilly night air.

“I was not-” Tezuka breathed after they broke apart, struggling valiantly to regain his composure “-jealous.”

Tachibana just pulled him in for another kiss, using his tongue to play with Tezuka’s in the way he knew the other liked best. He’d seen his partner’s icy glares, and knew what they meant, but he wasn’t going to press the issue.

And although Tezuka knew he had most certainly not been jealous, this type of reassurance was in no way unappreciated.


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