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FIC: Impulsive

Note: This was inspired by a picture I have in my head, of...well...something that happens in the last scene of this fic XD Wish I could draw it. Might try XD but it'll be horrendous, I'm sure ^^;;;

Title: Impulsive
Author: Kish
Pairing: Tezuka/Tachibana
Fandom: PoT
Rating: PG (13-ish?)
Theme: #55, "impulse"


Tezuka Kunimitsu always knew exactly where he would be at any given moment of any given day. His appointment book accounted for every single hour of his life, whether he was going to a meeting, going out to eat, or even sleeping (at the end of each day was noted “Bed-10:00 PM-6:00 AM). Everyone knew that he planned everything as carefully as possible; if he could have planned things to the exact second, he would have.

So it was a great surprise to everyone involved when, one particular day, Tezuka felt inclined to do something that had not been planned. His first thought was that he was ill in some way, but it didn’t take him long to rule that out. It took him another few minutes to decide what he was going to do about this odd, impulsive feeling.

“I am going to take the rest of the day off,” he informed his secretary, closing the door to his office.

She stared at him in frank bewilderment. “Tezuka-san...are you feeling all right?” It would be fine, of course, if he took a few hours off. He had all of his vacation time left over, and he never took sick days...and that was the strange thing, of course. Tezuka never missed work. His secretary could not remember one time when he hadn’t arrived at the office, and he’d definitely never, ever left in the middle of the day.

“I’m fine,” Tezuka replied shortly, and did not elaborate on his reasoning. He walked away, leaving his puzzled secretary to watch after him for a moment or two before she picked up her phone to excitedly report this bit of news to everyone in her address book.

No one commented as he walked through the hallways and took the elevator to the first floor, but when he reached the parking garage, the valet who was fetching his car looked at him sideways. “Tezuka-san, you’re leaving at this time of day? Are you feeling all right?”

Tezuka had to control himself to stop from snapping at the young man. “I am fine,” he said, a bit curt but not overly impolite.

“Of...of course,” and the valet nodded quickly. “I’ll get your car for you, then.”

Tezuka’s drive to his destination was not a very long one, and it was uneventful. His arrival, however, certainly met with some commotion. The doorman of the building recognized him, and asked, “Tezuka-san?” as though he was unsure whether this was actually Tezuka or not.

“Yes,” Tezuka told him.

“You...but...go on in, I suppose,” the doorman said, blinking. Tezuka never came here in the middle of a work day, not unless it was for a meeting that had been set weeks before. And the doorman was always told about those meetings at least a day in advance. But he was a senior executive of a powerful company, and he did know someone in the building, so it was clearly all right, just...strange.

Tezuka turned heads all through the building as he made his way down the hallways. He kept his gaze straight ahead of himself, but he noticed the stir that his appearance caused. In the elevator, a man he almost recognized kept sneaking glances at him, and finally asked, “Tezuka-san?” just as they were about to reach the second-highest floor.

Tezuka nodded, barely keeping himself from saying something very impolite.

“I’m sorry if I’m being rude, but...is everything all right?” the man asked, his voice not doing a good job of concealing his worry.

“Yes,” Tezuka said, and his glare actually made the man wince away.

“Yes, yes, good,” the man said hurriedly. When they both got off the elevator, the man walked in the other direction at a fast clip.

Tezuka was privately wondering if this entire thing had been worth it. It had seemed so, when he was back in his office, but now that he thought of all the gossip this would undoubtedly inspire, it seemed distinctly less so.

Still, now that he was here, it would be even worse if he did not continue. He kept himself walking determinedly down the hallway, ignoring the stares and whispers. At the end of the hallway, there was a door, and a desk beside it.

The woman at the desk did not glance up at first, simply asked, “Do you have an appointme-” and then she stopped. She had seen who was standing there. “Oh!” she exclaimed, astonished. “Tezuka-san! You don’t have a meeting here today, do you?”

“No,” Tezuka said irritably. “I don’t.”

“Well...” the woman was obviously flustered. “I suppose you can go on in.”

Tezuka already had gone on in by the time she finished the sentence, knocking once and then opening the door. He closed the heavy door behind himself, making sure it shut all the way.

“Tezuka?” The office’s occupant looked up from his computer. “What-”

But that was as far as Tachibana Kippei got, because it had only taken Tezuka several seconds to cross the room to behind the desk, lean down, and catch the other’s lips in a hungry kiss.

Tachibana did not find the need to question further; his hands slid up Tezuka’s thighs to his waist, and pulled him down so that Tezuka was straddling him in the swivel chair. They continued kissing, panting for air every few moments, as Tachibana worked at untying the knot in Tezuka’s tie, and then started on the buttons of his shirt. Tezuka’s hand made its way down Tachibana’s chest and stomach, making Tachibana groan in pleasure when it reached its goal.

The secretary knocked at the door just then: “Tachibana-san? Tezuka-san? Is everything all right?”

“Yes!” they answered together, voices husky and breathless.

And gossip-inspiring or no, Tezuka decided that being impulsive today had been a very worthwhile venture indeed.

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