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Pic and a fic, yay!

Okay, here's a pic for you people! A lovely scroll from my grandfather's Asia trip! Not anime, but I loooove it!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And a fic! I wrote this at work, zomg. How ridiculous. Oh well, whatever ^^

Title: Notebook
Author: Kish
Pairing: InuKai
Fandom: Tenipuri
Rating: G

Inui gestured for Kaidoh to precede him into Inui’s room. Kaidoh walked in, saying a quiet, “Thank you, senpai,” and set his backpack down on the floor next to the bed. Inui went to collect some papers off of his desk before they began studying, while Kaidoh pulled two of his school notebooks and a textbook out of his bag.

Then Kaidoh hesitated. “Inui-senpai...I have to use the bathroom.”

Inui nodded, hiding a smile. Kaidoh had been here many times to do homework together, and he still felt uncomfortable eating, drinking, and going to the bathroom, no matter how often Inui told him to treat his house as though it were Kaidoh’s own. It was very endearing, in a way.

Kaidoh carefully leaned his books against his backpack and exited the room, closing the door behind himself. Inui was about to resume clearing his desk....but then he got a glimpse of something that set his detail-oriented mind working. Inui knew all of Kaidoh’s school notebooks by heart: English was green, math was red, social studies blue, science black...but there was a black notebook sitting there on the floor of Inui’s room. It was not a notebook he’d ever seen Kaidoh with before.

Now, the last thing Inui wanted to do was to invade his kouhai’s privacy, but he was too curious to let the matter drop. There was a seventy-nine percent chance that it was just a new math notebook (the old one had been almost filled), but he had to know for sure. Sneaking a glance at the door, he stealthily stood and crossed the room, kneeling down beside Kaidoh’s backpack. He opened the cover of the notebook...and got the surprise of his life.

Written carefully on the first page, in Kaidoh’s neat handwriting, were the words “Inui-senpai.”

Inui flipped through the first few pages, and his surprise only grew. Inside the notebook were facts about himself that he thought no one else knew. They were little things, his favorite color, favorite foods, favorite school subjects...things that only someone very observant would notice. Also written were his school schedule, and what he normally did after school.

Inui was so involved in reading these extremely fascinating pages that he failed to notice when Kaidoh re-entered the room. But Kaidoh’s gasp quickly alerted him to the situation.

“Ah...” Inui knew that he’d been caught red-handed. “Kaidoh...you’ve gathered data on me?”

Kaidoh had first turned pale, then blushed intensely in a way that was very cute, in Inui’s opinion. “S-s-senpai,” he stammered, “that-that’s just-”

“I had no idea you were interested,” Inui said thoughtfully to himself. “That you were...” That you cared enough to find these things out, Kaidoh... He turned another page, and Kaidoh gasped again. “S-senpai, please...give me back that notebook.”

Inui was not about to give up this opportunity. “In a moment, Kaidoh,” he replied, with a slight smile.

The next moment, Inui was tackled backwards. Kaidoh had lunged at him, grabbing wildly for the notebook. Inui found himself laying on the floor with Kaidoh partly on top of him, not an entirely objectionable position. He found also that he could still read the notebook if he tilted his head backwards and held his arms above his head.

Kaidoh made another desperate grab, but Inui still had the advantage of strength; he held Kaidoh back gently with one hand, turning pages with the other.

“Senpai, please,” Kaidoh begged, blushing a deep shade of red. “Please!

Much as Inui hated to see his kouhai tortured like this, he hated not knowing what all was in this notebook even more. He flipped to the last page...and something caught his eye and made him draw in a breath.

As he read what was written, Kaidoh looked away, bringing his arm up to cover his embarrassment. “Senpai,” he tried again, weakly, “Inui-senpai...please...”

But Inui was reading intently, his eyes widening. The last lines of the notebook read: Chance of telling Inui-senpai that I like him: 0.05%. Chance of Inui-senpai saying he likes me back: 0%. Ii data, Inui thought to himself, a feeling of elation rising in him.

“Kaidoh,” Inui said, looking down at the other, “All your other information was correct, I believe...but your calculations were incorrect here.” He turned the notebook to point out the last sentence.

Kaidoh blinked at him. “How...how were they wrong, s-senpai?” His voice was abashed but...hopeful, perhaps?

Inui stopped blocking Kaidoh with his arm, leaned down, and caught his kouhai’s lips in a gentle kiss. When they broke apart, he murmured, “You were off by approximately one hundred percent.”
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