when the gales of November come early (kishmet) wrote,
when the gales of November come early

Plot bunnies could stop attacking me now, k

I blame this one entirely on pseudoblu. Maybe if I sum the story up here, it'll go away and leave me alone? Maybe?

Basically, it's a Biorg fic that takes place in a world where there's been some heavy genetic modification/experimentation done on humans. Chimeras, or human/animal hybrids, have been classed below ordinary humans - though the same laws theoretically apply to them in cases of murder and so on, the penalties are far less harsh than they would be if the same crimes were committed against a human, simply because many judges and full human juries look down on chimeras.

Chimeras are routinely bought and sold on the black market, frequently as children. Enter Bill and Tom, twins who are the eldest in a small group of homeless kids, who've banded together for the sake of safety in numbers. Bill is an avian chimera; Tom is full human, but he won't leave Bill even though he could undoubtedly find a safer home for himself if he did.

They are found by Georg, and they panic, thinking he's a trafficker or a brothel owner or something. As it turns out, though, he's a chimera himself, and he's working for a sort of underground railroad/chimera rights organization thing. He's an agent out on the streets, fighting to protect other chimeras, especially young ones. Georg is the first adult chimera they've ever met, and Bill is fascinated. Despite Tom's wariness and then irritation with Georg, Bill strikes up a friendship with him.

Bill's interest eventually transcends friendship, and he has to really coax Georg into taking every step in their relationship, because Georg doesn't want to take advantage. But Bill's determined, since he's never trusted anyone enough (or been interested in them in the right way, in Tom's case) to see them romantically at all.

So really, in summation, I'm insane. :|
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