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FIC: Heat

In my defense, I was forced by chibimono, disutansu, and snowym to post this. I would not have posted it otherwise, zomg...

Title: Heat
Author: Kish
Pairing: InuKai
Fandom: PoT
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Inui and Kaidoh spend a nice summer afternoon in the park. Yeah.


In the steamy heat of a July afternoon, Inui Sadaharu traced the outline of Kaidoh’s pectoral muscles with his tongue. Kaidoh squirmed a bit as Inui licked the beaded drops of perspiration of his torso. Inui loved the taste, the feel, the scent of Kaidoh, especially on hot summer days like this one.

Inui’s hand slid down Kaidoh’s sides to the waistband of his shorts, while his mouth remained otherwise occupied. His fingers worked their way beneath the top of the sweat-soaked garment, pulling it down past Kaidoh’s hips.

“No, senpai, we can’t-” Inui did not find out what it was that they could not do, although presumably it had something to do with the fact that they were on the riverbank of a public park. Kaidoh drew in a sharp breath as Inui nipped at his collarbone, effectively interrupting himself.

“Can’t what, Kaidoh?” Inui murmured, leaning up to catch Kaidoh’s mouth with his own. Kaidoh’s tongue apparently had no objections to their situation; it twined around and along Inui’s very willingly.

Inui eased himself down off of the support of his arms, giving himself and Kaidoh the skin-to-skin contact that was so intoxicating. They’d both long since lost the shirts that were currently resting a few feet away in the grass, along with their shoes. Now the heat of the day seemed insignificant when compared to the burning sensation of touch.

Even better was the contact of hips. Kaidoh bit Inui’s lip, suppressing a cry as their pelvises ground together. He involuntarily pushed upwards, seeking more friction. Inui had to hold back a cry of his own at the increased intensity of feeling.

Although Kaidoh’s body was more than happy to acquiesce to this, Kaidoh himself was still not entirely thrilled. He glared at Inui out of glazed eyes as they both struggled to breathe between frantic kisses. “Senpai,” he managed to say, voice husky but clearly annoyed and worried, “This is not cooling us off.” His hands, resting on Inui’s sides, made as if to push the older boy off of him.

Admittedly, they had originally stopped to cool off by the river, to take a much-needed rest from the run. Wading and swimming always went a long way towards alleviating the effects of the heat. But something unplanned had happened (specifically, Kaidoh had peeled off his tight white t-shirt to aid in the cooling process) and the outing had taken a turn for the better (in Inui’s opinion, anyway).

“It is good heat stamina training, however,” Inui pointed out, nibbling across the underside of Kaidoh’s jaw. He darted his tongue out to caress a spot on the other’s neck that he knew was particularly sensitive. Kaidoh’s hands stopped trying to shove Inui away, clenching instead. The nails dug into Inui’s sides a bit, sending a jolt of pleasant pain through him.

“But we’re in the-ah -park, senpai ” Kaidoh hissed, his head automatically going back so that Inui could better reach that one place on his neck.

“There is a seventy-eight percent chance that we will not be interrupted. These humid conditions are not considered favorable by most people.” Inui informed him, then resumed suckling and biting at the skin just below Kaidoh’s ear. With the younger boy thus distracted, obviously holding back noises of enjoyment, Inui slid his shorts down just a little farther...which was far enough. With a slight grin, he reached a hand between them to stroke along Kaidoh’s length with a sweat-slicked palm.

Kaidoh shuddered beneath him, closing his eyes and turning his head to the side, a look of bliss on his face. Apparently his arguments and protests had completely evaporated with this latest development.

Kaidoh’s back arched, bringing him partway off the ground. Inui took advantage of this opportunity to move his hand around behind the other, tracing a path down Kaidoh’s spine. He slowly inserted one finger into his lover. Kaidoh only tensed a little at the familiar intrusion. Inui, for whom this was just as familiar, worked his finger farther in and easily found that spot inside and brushed against it.

Kaidoh bucked and writhed under Inui’s ministrations, moaning incoherently and pressing into Inui’s touch, pushing their hips together. It was all Inui could do to keep control of himself. He slid another finger in, using scissoring motions to stretch the passage, and then used a third finger, making Kaidoh hiss when he found the prostate again.

Inui quickly realized that as they were on the sloping riverbank, this position was not the most efficient for what they were going to do. Removing his fingers (making Kaidoh protest incoherently), he ran that hand up Kaidoh’s back, using gentle pressure to ask his lover to turn over, onto his stomach. Kaidoh complied immediately, voicing no further complaints about their all-too-public location.

They were both sweating profusely, drenched in moisture, and Inui decided that they were probably wet enough to do without proper lubrication. He pulled off his own shorts with a quick lift of his pelvis, tossing them aside with their shirts. Glasses, too, he remembered, taking them off and setting them aside so that they wouldn’t be damaged. He ran a slick hand along his own erection a few times, making sure that it was coated enough that it would not cause either of them pain.

Inui used three fingers again first, but Kaidoh moaned, “Inui-s-senpai...just...ah...fuck.” That was all Kaidoh could get out, but it was a remarkably fitting statement. The meaning was certainly clear enough. Inui positioned himself and entered Kaidoh carefully.

Kaidoh’s hands, resting by the side of his head, convulsed as Inui did so, clenching in the cool green grass of the park. Inui pushed the rest of the way in, and all of Kaidoh’s muscles tensed. Inui found it impossible to stop himself from thrusting at that point. Kaidoh’s hands tightened on the grass, accidentally tearing out handfuls of it. “Ah...ah ” Kaidoh did not stop himself from making noise this time, and pushed back against Inui, driving the older boy deeper.

Inui groaned himself: “Kaidoh...ah...” and he thrust again, harder. They set a fast rhythm together, arching against one another, wanting, needing. Inui’s hand fell to stroke Kaidoh once more, in time with their thrusts.

Kaidoh came first, crying “Inui ” without the formal “senpai” he insisted on using most of the time. Just that name was enough to drive Inui over the edge as well, even if the physical stimuli had been insufficient (they were sufficient, but still).

They collapsed together, hot, spent, weary. Inui absent-mindedly brushed the side of Kaidoh’s rib cage with his thumb, all the movement he could currently muster. They were both panting, sweating in the humidity, but content.

Content, that was, until an unfamiliar voice exclaimed, “What the- ” Kaidoh’s head whipped up from where it was resting on the grass, his eyes flashed open, and in a split second he’d pushed Inui off of him.

Inui found himself trying to keep his balance and failing as he fell backwards...straight into the shallow waters of the river. Inui resurfaced right away, sputtering a bit as he shook out his now soaking wet hair. He saw Kaidoh hastily gathering their clothing, trying vainly to preserve his modesty as he stammered apologies to the wide-eyed jogger.

Inui knew that he was going to be in trouble with his kouhai later, but at the moment he couldn’t help grinning. Not only had he gotten what he wanted, he’d ended up cooling off in the wonderfully chilly water after all. Appalled Kaidoh, horrified jogger, and probable sunburn or no, Inui Sadaharu’s afternoon could not have been more perfect.

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