when the gales of November come early (kishmet) wrote,
when the gales of November come early

I swear to drunk I am not god

And another drunkfic, for Lena because she is amazing. Biorg, PGish, maybe, based on this! But I added the mistletoe myself because I cheat like that.

"Still haven't cornered him under the mistletoe?" Tom asked, craning his head back to peer at Georg.

Georg shook his head, casting a glance at Bill, who was hovering just beyond the doorway and giving Georg a huge grin. Bill was daring him to try again, as Georg well knew, but no one could match Bill's level of energy enough to chase him around the house all night. Tom was the only one who possibly could, but Tom was too lazy and wouldn't try unless Bill had done something unforgivable; stolen Tom's cap or his guitar, for instance.

"Hit him with something. He'll slow down then," Tom advised, turning his attention back to the intense game of Go Fish he was playing with Gustav. They really did get up to the wildest things at their band parties, Georg thought wryly.

"Oh, shut it," Bill said gaily, prancing into the room to snag yet another candy cane from the dish on the coffee table. He slid Georg a sideways look and sidled back in the direction of the mistletoe, which almost tempted Georg to haul himself out of the easy chair and resume the pursuit he'd abandoned ten minutes before. Almost.

Instead, Georg chuckled, regarding Bill with amusement. "No way," he told Bill. "You already wore me out." Sometimes, he had learned, it was wiser to treat Bill as though he was a reticent feline, and let Bill come to him. Bill always did, in the end, except when he was in a particularly contrary mood.

"Oh, did I?" Bill fluttered his eyelashes coquettishly, in a way that never failed to endear him even further to Georg. Only Bill could pull off a move so ridiculous and somehow make it adorably attractive.

"I'd return the favor, if you'd let me catch you," said Georg, just to watch Bill grin in delight.

Tom groaned, turning a dirty look first on Bill, then on Georg, who raised his hands defensively, laughing. "Your brother started it," Georg pointed out.

"The innuendo's too much for his poor virgin ears," Gustav remarked, and requested a five from Tom, adding insult to injury as he laid down another pair, beating Tom six pairs to three.

"Let's play a game," Bill decided, setting the still-wrapped candy cane over one finger and twirling it.

"We already are," said Tom, who then asked Gustav if he had any kings. Gustav replied in the negative and Tom sighed, picking up another card.

"Guess it's just me and Georg, then," Bill said airily, seeming none too perturbed by Tom and Gustavs' declining the invitation. Bill turned a wicked smirk on Georg, backing toward the doorway. "Get a candy cane and we'll play."

Somehow Bill managed to call on a reserve of strength Georg hadn't known he possessed, and Georg pushed himself to his feet, giving Bill a tiny, thoroughly besotted grin that Tom would have teased him for, if he hadn't been so involved in his card game. "What's the game?" Georg asked, grabbing a candy cane of his own. So far Bill had eaten all the ones that had disappeared over the course of the few hours they'd been partying together, which explained the exuberance that was excessive even for Bill Kaulitz.

"First person to hook the other's candy cane with theirs wins," Bill declared. "And they get to do whatever they want with the loser."

"You better get a room for that," Tom warned.

It was Bill's turn to snort, eyes twinkling as he met Georg's affectionate gaze. "Ready," said Bill, edging around the sofa. "Set. Go!" He darted off, a laughing streak of dark hair and long legs, and Georg, stifling a laugh of his own, went after him.

They dodged and skipped every which way, the latter mostly on Bill's part, as Georg conserved his energy, stalking Bill patiently, looking for any opening that would enable him to catch Bill off-guard. But Bill was a wily opponent, changing direction in mid-stride and then scrambling back the other way, knocking Tom and Gustav's cards everywhere, eliciting complaints that Bill utterly failed to heed. Bill's eyes were fixed solely on Georg, who was pacing slowly around the perimeter of the room.

Suddenly Georg changed his tactics, dashing in the opposite direction, away from Bill. Bill squawked and, just as Georg had hoped, he heard quick footsteps running right after him. Just as abruptly, Georg halted and turned around, coming face-to-face with Bill, who skidded to a stop just in time, giving the widest grin yet as he hooked the curved part of Georg's candy cane with his own. "Gotcha," Bill informed him.

"Gotcha back," said Georg, and pointed upward.

Bill looked up, startled, and Georg took advantage of this to tug Bill in close, leaning up to kiss him. Despite his previous playful avoidance of that exact situation, Bill made a pleased little sound against Georg's lips and kissed back with enthusiasm, remembering only when the kiss was broken to protest, "But I won, you cheater."

"Saying you didn't want to kiss me?" Georg asked, copying Bill's signature eyebrow raise.

"Oh," said Bill, and his eyes sparkled again. "Good point."

"Get a room, seriously," Tom complained, and Bill and Georg, who had become occupied again beneath the mistletoe, happily ignored him.
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