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My basement is freezing. It's like the Arctic, ZOMG. And...my dog ate my robe *shivers* And...it's summer, so all I have is short-sleeved shirts and shorts >.< It's cooooold. So...I'll post another crappy fic ^^ I write ALL THE TIME, you know, which is why I post so often. Sorry about that XD And this fic is whacked, just so ya know. I haven't slept since Saturday, which explains that! Sorta.

Title: Argument
Author: Kish
Pairing: TachiTez
Fandom: PoT
Theme: #33, "who?"
Rating: PG

“You’re dating who?” Kamio and Momoshiro asked in chorus, then shot glares at one another.

All the other members of Seigaku and Fudomine had taken the news in stride: Tezuka Kunimitsu and Tachibana Kippei were dating. Most of them still looked rather shocked, Shinji mumbled something unintelligible, and Eiji and Fuji were clearly trying to stop from laughing, but no one had any actual objections...except, of course, for Kamio Akira and Momoshiro Takeshi.

Momo was, for once, ignoring Kaidoh, who was just watching the arguing boys with a look of disgust. “There is no way Tezuka-buchou would go out with your buchou,” Momo informed Kamio, shaking his head firmly.

“Anyone would be lucky to date Tachibana-buchou,” Kamio returned. His usual headphones had fallen down around his neck and he hadn’t bothered to replace them. “At least he smiles once in a while!”

“Once in a long while,” Momo snorted derisively. “Anyway, that doesn’t matter. Tezuka-buchou could win a match against your buchou any day!”

Kamio retorted, “He could not. Just because everyone’s talking about the famous Tezuka Kunimitsu of Seigaku-”

“Yeah, that’s right, he’s famous!” Momo interrupted. “And for good reason! He could kick your buchou’s-”

“Tachibana-buchou doesn’t want to be famous,” Kamio said angrily. “He could be just as well-known as your buchou and more, if he-”

“All right, that’s it!” Momo yelled at the other boy, looking perilously close to throwing a punch. “Let’s just see who would win, right here and right now! I bet that-”

Momo broke off as Tezuka cleared his throat and fixed the younger boy with an icy stare. Momo eyed the captain guiltily. “Uh...sorry, Tezuka-buchou.”

“Tachibana and I are together,” Tezuka said coldly. “And that is final.”

And it would have been the end of it, and they would have all gone to play tennis together as the two captains had intended, except that as Kamio passed by Momo he took the opportunity to say quietly, “I bet your buchou is uke.”

“He is not uke!” Momo yelped loudly, making everyone stop and look at him with varying degrees of horror.

“And he’s emotionless,” Kamio said, ignoring Momo’s increasingly violent expression. “He doesn’t deserve-”

“Well, yours is way weirder,” Momo shouted, grabbing the front of Kamio’s shirt. “With that dot and all-”

“Shut up!” Kamio yelled, trying to jerk his shirt away from Momo’s grip. Apparently he was not feeling particularly soothed by his rhythm today. “They shouldn’t even be together!”

“Well, yeah!” Momo snapped back, not letting go.

This time it was Tachibana who cleared his throat, gaining everyone’s attention. Momo released Kamio’s shirt under the combined eyes of both captains. But Tachibana didn’t say anything further as all the gazes fell on him. He merely turned to Tezuka, grabbed him, and kissed him, and open-mouthed, hungry, movie-type kiss. Tezuka did nothing to prevent this; as a matter of fact, somewhere in the middle of the kiss his hand slid down Tachibana’s back to his...

It was probably impossible for Momo’s or Kamio’s eyes to get any wider. The other members of Seigaku were also stricken speechless for the duration of the kiss, which seemed to last forever.

Tachibana broke away, caught his breath, and spoke into the stunned silence. “Understood?”

“Uh...uh-huh,” Momo said dazedly. Kamio just nodded, fumbling to get his headphones back into their proper place. All the other players found themselves nodding as well, attempting to recover from the sight they’d just seen.

“Good,” said Tachibana in satisfaction. Tezuka nodded curtly as well, and the team practice got officially underway, undisturbed for about five more minutes...

Until, right before his and Momo’s match could begin, Kamio remarked, “See? I told you he was uke.”

Momo’s cry of indignation was heard by everyone within a mile radius, and so was Tezuka’s and Tachibana’s joint response to both Momo and Kamio: “Forty laps, now.”

Seigaku’s and Fudomine’s tennis teams would never be the same again.

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