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when the gales of November come early

Avon Calling, 13/?

Avon Calling, Tokio Hotel, Bill/Tom (not related), PG-13ish. When the sexiest Avon sales representative ever shows up at Tom Kaulitz's door, Tom is forced to question his sexuality, his morals, and his woeful lack of cosmetics knowledge.

Also, hay to all my new LJ friends from the Apex meme. ;D This icon is used in your honor.

"You just met him, what, an hour ago?" Simone asked, with a parental kind of patience that threatened to render Tom even more indignant. "That's lust, hon, not love."

"Mo-om," Tom protested. "Come on. Look at this." He jabbed a thumb at his face, which still had to be looking a hell of a lot like Natalie Portman's. Out of all his girlfriends and hookups over the last few years, Tom couldn't think of one he'd allow anywhere near his face with eyeliner, never mind the mascara and lip gloss and everything else.

Simone studied his face for a moment or two, and made a sound Tom suspected was a suppressed laugh. "All right, that's different. I'll give you that."

"Bill's different," said Tom, staunchly defending his love for the most amazing person in the world, male or female. It was funny; just a half hour or so ago, he hadn't been quite sure about the whole love thing, but with Simone voicing her doubts, Tom found himself becoming one hundred percent confident that he was truly, deeply, madly in love with Bill. All of Bill's endearing habits, his smile, his kisses, his Cubs fan status only added to Tom's resolve. They could have a serious French kissing session and then watch a ballgame together. Maybe Bill even liked chugging beer occasionally.

It was definitely love.

"You know what, that I can believe," Simone agreed, then added shrewdly, "And you're still going to be in love after you get him in bed?"

Tom had to work very hard not to think about getting Bill into bed, and exactly how fantastic life would be once he had. He didn't want to spend any more time sporting a boner in his mother's presence than he'd inadvertently done in the past. "Well," said Tom. "Yeah."

"You sound so sure," said Simone dryly.

"No, really. Mom, I did this-" Tom demonstrated, making a heart with his hands. "For him. And I didn't hate myself for it, okay?"

Simone sighed, and Tom saw a faint smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. "Tom, honey, there is no one who'll be happier for both of you if this works out."

"Nah. I'll be happier." Tom edged over to the kitchen doorway, where he could just see Bill on the couch, with the box in his lap again. He seemed to be sorting absently through his cosmetics, given that he was gazing at the wall instead of at them. As Tom watched, Bill glanced over with a nervous expression painted across his gorgeous features, and his eyes lit up when he saw Tom. Bill hesitantly lifted his hands and signed a heart, and Tom's own heart leapt, his grin widening as he repeated the gesture. At that, Bill laughed delightedly.

"Hm. I'm starting to think you might be serious," said Simone, from behind him.

Finally, Tom thought, wearing the huge grin that was becoming a permanent feature in his life.
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