when the gales of November come early (kishmet) wrote,
when the gales of November come early

Avon Calling, Interlude~

Avon Calling, Tokio Hotel, Bill/Tom (not related), PG-13ish. When the sexiest Avon sales representative ever shows up at Tom Kaulitz's door, Tom is forced to question his sexuality, his morals, and his woeful lack of cosmetics knowledge.

A brief snippet from Bill's point of view, because he was the one poking at me today. :D

Bill perched on the Kaulitzes' couch, gazing at the wall and basking in the fact that he was in love. Not only that, but Tom, the sweetest, most handsome man in the world - not to mention the best kisser, Bill's mind supplied, and he felt his cheeks flush pleasantly - was in love with him. He put both hands to his mouth, unsuccessfully trying to hide the huge grin that was blossoming there. Throughout his life, Bill had retained faith that if he was true to his baseball-loving, makeup-and-heels-wearing, hopelessly romantic self, he would find that one person on Earth who was destined to be with him forever.

And now he'd found Tom, and Bill couldn't have been any happier.

After Tom flashed another hand-heart back to him, Bill had to bite his lip so he wouldn't laugh. He laughed anyway, thrilled at the way Tom returned his grin. Apparently Simone, who was just lovely and had been so kind to him so far, wasn't giving Tom too hard a time in there. Coming out to a parent wasn't the easiest thing to do in any case (though Bill's adoptive father, Gordon, had accepted and supported Bill's identity from day one) and Tom had dealt with his confession in the most adorably witless way possible.

Tom emerged from the kitchen soon after that, and Bill shifted the box off his lap and danced to his feet. "Everything's okay?" he asked, sidling just close enough that Tom could snag him around the waist again. Bill liked the feeling, as Tom showed off his strength and was ever so gentle with him at the same time. Tom didn't stop there, wrapping his arms around Bill and resting warm, large hands - as marvelously large and slender as Bill's! - on the small of Bill's back.

"Everything's amazing," Tom told him, smiling warmly and leaning close, in a way Bill had come to recognize. He ran his tongue over his lips in anticipation, and then Tom's mouth covered his, kissing him eagerly. Bill let out a soft sigh, fingers curling in the fabric of Tom's shirt.

Everything was perfect.
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