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when the gales of November come early

Avon Calling, 15/?

Avon Calling, Tokio Hotel, Bill/Tom (not related), PG-13. When the sexiest Avon sales representative ever shows up at Tom Kaulitz's door, Tom is forced to question his sexuality, his morals, and his woeful lack of cosmetics knowledge.

I've been neglecting my Avon! :O But there will be more tomorrow, along with the second half of the twc/Kradam, so stay tuned!

"Where's Dad at, anyway?" Tom asked, after Simone had curtailed at least three of his attempts to get Bill alone. Dinner was all prepped and in the oven, but now Tom's mother was making tea, of all things. That was a bad sign; Simone usually made tea when her sister Grace came over for the evening, and for them, tea invariably meant a long chatting session at the kitchen table. And there was no way sweet, polite Bill would turn Simone down if she wanted to talk for awhile, and no way Tom would go against Bill's wishes.

Tom's only hope was for Jorg to arrive home and distract Simone for just five minutes. Just five, and Tom was sure he could have Bill in his bedroom, if not his bed, by the end of that time. The problem was, Jorg and Simone both tended to show up at about six o'clock, give or take a half hour, and Simone had already been home longer than that.

Simone's next words confirmed Tom's greatest fear: "Over at your Nana's house for supper. You know she's always saying she wants to see more of him."

"Right," said Tom weakly. There went his dreams of possibly experiencing an orgasm before the meal.

He was somewhat placated when Bill slipped in against his side, lifting Tom's arm to drape it around him. That was another gesture Tom had never tolerated from his girlfriends, preferring to dole out physical affection as he saw fit - and, admittedly, most of that attention had involved a lack of pants - but Tom would have sworn under oath that Bill was warmer than any of them had been, and the smile Bill aimed his way literally made Tom's heart flutter. "That's so great, that he can spend time with your grandmother," Bill said earnestly. "My dad's parents are back in Germany, so he doesn't see much of them. I swear, though, sometimes he talks more with Oma on the phone than with anybody here. Except me, but, you know." Bill laughed. "It's hard to avoid while we're living under the same roof."

For a second Bill's meaning escaped Tom, as all Tom could do was try to comprehend why anybody would want to avoid talking to Bill. Tom was spared the opportunity to blurt out his inner monologue, however, when Simone answered Bill instead. "Oh, Germany?" she queried, drying her hands on a dish towel. "My parents and Jorg's are both second generation German."

"I was wondering," Bill confessed, linking his fingers through Tom's, and petting Tom's hand idly. "The names sound so German, but you never know these days. Do you have any relatives still over there?" Tom had to focus to stop himself from zoning out and just luxuriating in the touch of Bill's smooth fingertips against Tom's own, rougher skin. More lotion, Tom decided, would fix that right up. He felt like he was made of sandpaper, compared to Bill's silk.

"Oh, god, plenty." Simone chuckled and shook her head. "Jorg and I went for our honeymoon, and we were just drowning in aunts and uncles and cousins and lord knows what else. Do you and your father ever travel over there?"

"Every summer," Bill told her, beaming. So Bill liked to travel, Tom thought, or maybe he just enjoyed visiting his family. "It's easy to plan since it's only the two of us. We're actually leaving in a couple weeks."

"Wait, what?" Tom broke in. So far he'd managed to stay tuned into the conversation, and he found it was interesting to learn more about Bill, as though Bill was some kind of amazing jigsaw puzzle that Tom possessed only the first few pieces to. "You're going to Germany?"

Bill nodded and his expression turned anxious as he bit his lip. "For a month," he said, and Tom's heart promptly shattered into a million tiny pieces.
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