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Drabble: Public Kisses

This is for disutansu, because Helen=teh love X3

Title: Public Kisses
Author: Kish
Pairing: InuKai
Fandom: PoT
Rating: G

Inui-senpai pulls my arm gently but insistently, so that we’re just inside an alleyway off of the main road. He pins me lightly against the side of a building, warm hand on the side of my face, brushing my hair out of my eyes. I protest, “Senpai, what are you-” although I already know.

He’s always stealing these kisses in places that are too public. At school if he can find me in a semi-deserted corridor, or if there is an empty classroom nearby. When we are at the park on a run, and there is a tree whose shade can be used to partly conceal. And times like now, when we go out to eat together.

And I always tell him to stop. When he tries to take my hand as we’re walking through crowds of people. When he accosts me in the hallway after math class. When he kisses me while we’re watching a movie at his house, when anyone could walk in and see us. Even when he only lays a hand on my shoulder, a subtle gesture, I shrug him off and glare, blushing.

He leans toward me and kisses me now, a soft, sweet kiss, cutting off any argument on my part. I try to move away for a moment, then relax against him and let him do this. People could see us as they walk by, even people we know; this is a busy part of town.

He pulls away, but his hand stays on my cheek. I glower, knowing that I am blushing, and look away from him. “Senpai, anyone could have seen that,” I say under my breath, and then hiss, glaring at the floor of the alley.

“I’m sorry, Kaidoh,” but I can hear the smile in his voice even as he apologizes. “I know you dislike public displays of affection. I simply couldn’t help myself.” His hand goes down to tilt my chin up, so I’m looking him in the face again. I scowl, but can’t keep it up as he kisses me again. I melt against him, leaning back against the wall. I even let him deepen the kiss, our tongues and warm breaths mingling together.

Because although he doesn’t know it, I look forward to all of the stolen kisses and the touches. I love it when he pulls me aside in the middle of the school day into an empty classroom. I love it when I’m pressed between him and the rough bark of a tree in the park, embracing him and being embraced. I love times like these when we’re kissing in the cool night air after we’ve gone out for dinner. I love the feel of him, the scent of him, the taste of him. I love to be with him no matter who might be looking at us.

“I’m sorry, Kaidoh” he repeats, smiling at me after we break apart again. He takes my hand, and murmurs, “But you are one hundred percent irresistible.”

I blush more and mutter something under my breath, hiding my own answering smile. I love these stolen, public kisses...but I will never tell him that.


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