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FIC: Sober (part two)

Well, here it is, because I finally finished editing it and because Helen kept poking me XP The second part of Sober, yay! I actually had it done yesterday, but then...I...um, forgot to post it. Ehehe. I'm telling you, I'm tired as hell right now. I'm kind of high on tea and sugar and lack of sleep XD If this is bizarre, blame that.

Title: Sober, part two
Author: Kish
Pairing: InuKai
Fandom: PoT
Rating: PG
Summary: Kaidoh doesn't remember what happened when he was drunk...but Inui's there to remind him.

~Sober, part two~

I glance over at the bed, where Kaidoh is shifting restlessly. His eyes blink open, then he winces and closes them again, presumably against the bright sunlight that I cannot stop from coming in, even though I shut the curtains.

“Are you awake, Kaidoh?” I ask, mostly to let him know I am in the room, so he is not shocked when he sees me. There is an eighty-seven percent chance that he will be shocked regardless, but I will do anything I can to stop him from being overly upset.

Kaidoh pulls his blanket up over his face, probably to try to block the sunlight. I have never been drunk myself, but I have heard that the headache that accompanies the next day is terrible. My heart aches for Kaidoh, who did not even intend to put himself in this situation.

“If you drink this mixture I’ve prepared, your headache should be alleviated,” I tell him, picking up the glass I placed on the desk. Kaidoh’s eyes open partway once more, and I think for a moment that he will refuse to drink. This remedy is an unusual shade of blue, but I made certain that its taste is not at all objectionable.

He takes the glass from my hand and drinks it all without protest. He is most definitely not feeling well. He finishes quickly, and I take the glass back when he is done, setting it on the small table by the bed.

“I-Inui-senpai,” he says, his voice a bit unsteady.

“Yes?” I ask, trying not to let all my emotions show through. Hopefully he can only hear the concern, the worry I feel for him. I am also worried because I am not quite sure what he will say now. Does he remember all that took place last night? Does he remember...anything that I did? Anything that he said? I know I remember every word that either of us spoke, but I was not the one inebriated at the time.

“Why-how did you-” he begins, then stops. I give him a moment to collect the many thoughts that must be running through his mind right now. He squints against the sunlight, staring into empty space, then his eyes widen.

“Inui-senpai, what time is it?” I can hear the alarm in his tone, and want to berate myself for not realizing that would be his first question. He is a good student; he will be worried about missing his classes.

“It’s one-thirty in the afternoon,” I tell him carefully. I intend to go on, to explain that class won’t be a problem, but he panics before I get the chance.

“I need to get to class ” he says, his voice rising. He is clearly very upset, as I should have known he would be. “I-I’m already very late ” Even as he speaks, he sits up and swings his legs over the edge of the bed, and stands with only a bit of apparent difficulty. I am glad to see that the remedy I have provided has helped him.

He tries to walk past me, but I am blocking his way to the door of the room. I put a hand on his shoulder, holding him back gently, and shake my head. “No. I already sent notes of explanation to your teachers. I believe several of your classmates will be absent as well, today,” I tell him. I investigated this earlier on, loath as I was to leave his side as he slept. It is close to twenty-five percent of the students who were discovered this morning in bed with headaches.

Kaidoh sits back down on the bed, and I can tell he is thinking something over. “Senpai,” he says hesitantly, his still-innocent, guileless eyes meeting mine. “What happened last night?”

“Kaidoh...ah...” I have to consider the answer I will give for almost a full minute. I decide that he wants to know what happened at the party, not what happened afterwards.

There is a spark of fear in his eyes as I take too long to reply. I must tell him something. I clear my throat and look away from those eyes, at the far wall. Some part of my mind tells me, Coward, but I ignore it. I must maintain some kind of objectivity while giving this explanation, I rationalize. “Last night, you became unintentionally intoxicated.”

I can’t help it; I frown again, thinking of the ones who did this to him. My words sound so innocuous, unsurprising really. A college student becoming drunk? It happens every day, and would be disappointing but not horrendous to most parents and teachers. But for Kaidoh I know it will be different. This was never something he or I would ever have wanted to happen.

“I was...drunk?” he whispers, his tone one of shock.

I nod unhappily. “Yes, you were drunk.” I despise this, to be the bearer of this bad news, especially to him.

Kaidoh’s eyes flicker in bemusement around the room, I see as I dart a glance at him. “Senpai,” he says, his voice on the verge of breaking but just barely controlled, “my parents will be angry when they find out. Do you know why I was drinking? Where was I? I’m sorry, senpai,” he says then. I look back at him to see that he is staring at the floor. “I shouldn’t ask you all these questions-”

I can’t help cutting him off then. “It’s fine, Kaidoh,” I say, carefully letting my emotions sound through. He looks up at me quickly. “It was not your fault, not anything of what happened last night. You were at a party.”

Kaidoh thinks again, his eyes locked on mine. “I remember being invited to a party,” he says slowly. “But...I don’t remember being there.”

“I’m not surprised,” I say, shaking my head in disgust with the people who allowed this turn of events. “There were pitchers of soda and the like at the party, and...someone...decided to add very liberal amounts of alcohol to them. I am not certain who it was yet...” I can barely stop myself from adding that when I do, they will find themselves in a great deal of trouble, with the school and with me personally. “But I believe the school staff is working to discover the identity of the perpetrator. As I said, you were not the only student to wake up in this...ah...condition.”

“Oh,” Kaidoh says, sounding lost for words. Then he collects himself and says, his voice very nearly trembling, “Senpai, I didn’t...what did I do when I was at the party?”

I know what he means and can’t help but smile. The chances of him doing anything foolish or disrespectful are very, very small in any situation. “Nothing objectionable, Kaidoh,” I assure him. “You simply fell asleep and could not be woken.”

He sighs, most likely because he is relieved to hear this. Then his head tilts to the side...adorable, I think, then slam a door on that thought. He asks me, “Senpai, how did I get back here, if I was asleep?”

Oh. All logical, sensible thoughts desert me as I am asked the question I did not wish to contend with. “You do not remember?” I finally ask, sounding timid even to my own ears.

“No,” he says, looking at me curiously.

I look away and ponder how best to answer. I settle on something agreeably noncommittal: “I brought you back here.”

“You-you’re too kind, senpai,” he stammers, blinking at me. Too kind? I think with a mental sigh. Nothing could be too kind for you, Kaidoh. I would do anything...

He acquires a different expression, thoughtful yet again. “Did you-did you carry me back, senpai?” he asks me, still evidently unsure of himself but willing to ask.

“Yes, I did,” I say quietly, gazing studiously at the far wall. I stop myself from shifting uneasily from foot to foot, as I halfway want to do. My voice almost shakes. If he remembers this much, surely he remembers enough that he will be very displeased with me, even if he doesn’t say anything.

“Perhaps I should leave now,” I say when he is silent for several seconds. I feel...disconnected somehow, and it seems as though leaving would help both of us, perhaps. Although the last thing I wish to do is to leave, it may be wise. I turn to go.

“Senpai, wait,” he says, and there is a sound behind me as he stands and his hand catches hold of my arm. I am startled, and try to hide it. “Yes?” I ask, praying that my voice does not give me away, praying that he cannot tell what I really want to say to him...

“Inui-senpai,” he says nervously, “May I-may I see your eyes?”

Almost immediately he is apologizing to me, as respectful a kouhai as ever. “I’m so sorry, sen-” But he does not need to apologize. Something inside me is reeling in a relieved, bordering on joyful, kind of shock.

Before I can think properly, I raise a hand and lay a finger gently on his lips. “It’s all right,” I say, for once telling him exactly what I am thinking. “There’s no need for you to apologize.”

I lower my hand from his face and take his hand, bringing it up to rest on the rim of my glasses. His eyes are fixed on my face as he pulls off my glasses, holding them carefully.

I blink, adjusting to the change in my vision. But I can see him well enough. He is close enough that his features are clear against the blurred background. He is beautiful, even though some might not describe him that way. His hair is tousled from sleeping, without the bandana that usually covers it during the day. His eyes are wide, and are one of the loveliest things I have ever seen.

I can’t help myself. I lean down and kiss him very gently, putting my arms around him. His hands go up around my neck, pulling me closer, keeping me in blissful contact with him.

The kiss ends too soon, but I cannot risk anything longer. I have to gauge his reaction after the first, possibly unconscious acceptance.

He is blushing in a way that can only be called “cute.” He looks down at the floor once again, cheeks coloring, and says, “You...you have nice eyes, Inui-senpai.”

I laugh, happier than I could ever tell him. “Thank you, Kaidoh,” I say. I use my hand to tilt his chin so he is looking at me, and say honestly, “But I believe your eyes are even nicer.”

I kiss him again, deeper this time. I run my tongue lightly against his lips and he opens his mouth willingly. Our tongues dance together, and I can taste the breath that only tastes mildly of the alcohol he imbibed. On the whole, it tastes more of Kaidoh, a sweet taste even though he just woke recently.

I am still outraged that he was given alcohol and was forced into such an experience when he did not choose it for himself. I will still enact revenge on the one responsible when I discover their identity. But...the consequences of his intoxication have turned out to be far more pleasant than I ever could have predicted.


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  • Kitty ;_;

    Originally posted by kylecassidy at post Via Citykitties (emphasis mine): A good samaritan found this cat today in a gutter by Clark…

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