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Together in die Nacht

I mentioned to fyredancer that I'd watched seventeen versions of In die Nacht earlier in the day, and she said I ought to make a post with them! Now, I've done a twinny concert video post before, but never one entirely devoted to this song, which is my favorite of theirs.

I think Tom's less confident than usual when they're so far away from each other, but that could be wishful thinking on my part. Still, the way Bill is so intensely focused on him here almost makes me believe he's providing reassurance and comfort as best he can, even with all that space between them. What do you guys think?

Turn your volume down for this one, because the audience's shrieks are deafening. So absolutely and completely worth watching, though, for Bill's body language and Tom's sweet grins whenever he looks up at Bill. ♥

Okay, I'm including a couple versions of this next one for several good reasons. First, none of them are that great in terms of quality. Also, if you watch the performance all through, you'll see that Tom doesn't look too happy - this was at a point in TH history that was filled with stalkers and melancholy and so on, if memory serves. But, stick with it for the ending, which I'll also include by itself in video format.

And the ending, in better quality:

Throughout this particular performance, Bill is the only person who can coax a grin out of Tom. And I'm guessing he knew that, and that's exactly why he got up and waited for Tom to look at him. Again, could be wishful thinking, but that's what I'm seeing here!

I'm cheating here, because this isn't In die Nacht, but I did watch it yesterday. Bill's saying that we've all got important/special people in our lives, and one of those people is onstage with him. He points to Tom and Tom gives what is quite possibly one of the most adorable grins ever. Just sayin'. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Two partial versions of this performance for your time. The first features Tom as the proud recipient of a grin-inducing twin kick, and in the second, we get Bill leaning in close and the two of them sharing an adorable smile. This is the first, because embedding has been disabled on the video.


Including this one because again, Tom doesn't look very happy, and even Bill can't persuade him out of it this time. Also strange: Bill skips a lot of the lyrics, letting the audience sing for him. Possible reason for both of these things? This concert took place in March, 2008. ...yes, I over-analyze and have watched far too many of these things.

I'm sure every TH fan in the known universe has seen the Zimmer 483 version of this song, but I've gotta include it anyway. This one comes with a nice onscreen translation, and of course Bill's sweet introduction at the beginning. ♥

This is one of my two favorite In die Nacht videos, ever. It's possibly the most emotionally charged version I've ever heard; Bill's voice actually breaks around 1:55. I have no idea what personal issues the twins might have been working through at the time, but it had to be something.

My other favorite. There's something almost transcendent about this version, at least to me. Maybe it's just the closeups on their faces, or their downright radiant grins when they look at each other, I don't know. Whatever it is, this video is so gorgeous, so loving, that it serves as my own personal dose of happy whenever I need some cheering up. ♥♥ Keep watching all the way through Bill's presentation of his bandmates for some bonus cute.

I didn't find all the ones I watched the other day, but most of the ones I liked best are here, for sure. Hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did. :)
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