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Ha...ha...yes. A sketch, etc.

Okay, I've had a week from HELL...and it's not really over yet. Went to the emergency on Tuesday 'cause I was in unbearable pain. They couldn't find anything wrong with me, but they did give me some morphine, which made me all...er...drugged. Am leaving for a family reunion tomorrow. It will be hellish, I'm sure it will. Nah, it'll be okay, as long as I don't actually SEE any of my relatives.

In other news, I've started sketching again. Yay. Not. *points at Helen accusingly* She inspired me, even though I can't draw a QUARTER as well as she can (or a quarter as well as...anyone on my f-list, really).

So...have a sketch! Kaidoh, done in my personal manga style (yes, I draw manga of my own. Yes, it sucks). It makes him look young and girly, always XD But hey. Whatever. Done while I was in bed, without reference materials, so it's even MORE teh suck!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

He's looking back over his shoulder, by the way. I hate drawing torsos though, so that might not be clear. Whee. I should post bad art more often. It makes me happy.

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