when the gales of November come early (kishmet) wrote,
when the gales of November come early


Crappy pics, but I took an hour on my makeup today and I wanna show it off anyway.


Closer uuuuup

With normal hair for comparative purposes

I felt like such a gothy fabulous drag queen, lol. In case anyone's interested, I used Fyrinnae's Electric Stardust, Dragonmagic, and uh, Shinigami I think? loose powders, Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Mullet (and their Primer Potion under everything), aaaand MAC Liquidlast liner for the swirls. They will probably never come off, but that is just the price I will have to pay. It was a nice distraction two days before my surgery, anyway. And I got CANDY!
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