when the gales of November come early (kishmet) wrote,
when the gales of November come early

Welp, after a hideous virus scare on a computer that's not even actually mine, I'm good for absolutely nothing else for the rest of the day. @_@ So... how 'bout some ponies?

(Basically I make tiny little ponies out of seed beads, originally based on MLP:FIM, but I've got a bunch of originals and stuff now. I haven't posted 'em here yet, so I guess I might as well!)

Heeere's a really crappy blurry photo for size reference. That's a quarter and a thumb, and that's a pony. They're about two inches tall! Here:

Now for the MLP ponies. Rainbow Dash, who is 20% cooler than anything:

Rarity, the most fashionable pony evar:

At one point she gets these amazing sparkly butterfly wings and turns into Pony Gaga, which means I'm totally making that version of her once I have time.


She's adorable in real life, but the background cloth I had is kind of the same color as she is, so, uh. >_> She blends in a bit. But I'm sure she wouldn't mind, considering her personality on the show.


I'm still trying to make a pony hat for her. Uh, a pony hat that doesn't look stupid, because her hat on the show is awesome.

Pinkie Pie:

There's a point in the show where all the fun kinda deflates out of this pony, and as it turns out, fun is what makes her hair curly. I wanna make a straight-haired version of her too.

Annnnd Twilight Sparkle:

No, seriously. That's her name.

I've done some custom ponies, too! One was for my art teacher, who just adored the unicorn I brought in. She also adores Adam Lambert, which is why this pony is based on him:

He's got black hair with blue streaks, and he should probably be wearing a leather jacket.

Black, white, silver and grey pony for our very own pookykabuki:

This pony is fierce. Really. The poses just sort of happen as I'm beading if I don't try for anything, and this pony is like "Haaay yes I am all that."

And! Pony based on old school MLP Fizzy for undrockroll:

Hers was the first little hairbow I made, for her tail. <3 She has pretty much the cutest mane and tail so far, I think!

Oh, that's right! I also did a steampunk/robot pony:

That was my first limited edition piece, because, er, I really don't have that many spare bits of wiring.

I still need to photograph the pony based on my dog (who's a Papillon, so the pony has little pigtails to get the look of the ears right), my carousel horse-based pony (she has a tiny saddle!) and my two mermaid ponies. I'm calling them hippocampuses (hippocampi?), but they're actually based on the mermaids from PotC 4, so. >_>

Some of you already know, but check out my Etsy shop for other exciting pony, uh, happenings! My shop is called PONY PONY PONY because... there's no reason. Except that's what I squeal whenever there's a new MLP episode on.
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