June 13th, 1988

peter's sassy research

Desert Rose, 4/4

Okay, I know that I'm a stupid sappy idiot, but I couldn't think of any more fitting day to backdate this post to. This fic never would have been written without it, after all. That's partly because it was written especially for Donya, who was born on June thirteenth, nineteen eighty-eight. It's not just because she wouldn't have existed, but because I wouldn't be as happy and as driven to complete longer and longer fics the way I am now. Donya, you're a huge part of what's made my life worthwhile for all the time I've known you. I am crazy about you, as is probably obvious, given this series of posts, and I am soooo, so thankful that you were born.

Happy Birthday, you amazing girl. ♥ And feel free to thwap me if I've screwed up on any of the backdating.

Desert Rose, by kishmet, part four of four.

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