January 30th, 2005

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First Daily Rant!!!

What do I DO all day? In the middle of every day, I wonder about this. Somehow, the time from when I wake up until about 8:00 seems not to exist. I only start/finish things after that time (or before, depending on how late I'm up, I suppose).

So anyway, this was supposed to be a rant about marriage and children. Everyone keeps saying things like WHEN you get married and WHEN you have children. Jeez. You'd think that at my age, I'd know whether I wanted to marry and have children or not.

Some people do these things just because they're running out of time in their lives. This, to me, shows a)A total lack of faith in an afterlife/reicarnation, b)An extreme kind of neediness, or c)Simple stupidity. Or d)All of the above.

Also, why is there not a time limit on marriage?? You marry someone and you stay together FOREVER unless you get a divorce? Who the hell thought of that? If people assume that I'm going to change so much that I'll want to get married someday, how can they POSSIBLY assume I'm going to want to be with the same person forever? There should be an expiration date on those things. Y'know, five years, then you can either renew your marriage subscription, or drop it and go your separate ways, amicably.

I feel like a hypocrite now, given that most of my fics are of the "soul mate, together forever" variety. But the thing is, I can handle it in my occasional fantasy life, but in real life? YUCK. It's like anything that you have to stomach ALL THE TIME. Like work, or school. You need it once in a while, but if you get it more often it makes you vomit.

I think I'll try to post a rant every day around 8:00. Yes, that sounds amusing. I rant all the time anyway. Maybe that's what I do between noon and 8, huh? Just rant. Cannot imagine how pathetic that must sound to outside observers.

EDITED: I found a saying I really like to go with this rant. "The only cure for love is marriage." -Irish proverb.
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