February 1st, 2005

peter's sassy research

Daiiiiily Rant Again

Making up for yesterday's punctuality, here I am almost a full three hours late. Ah well, there you have it. I'm horrible.

So! Today's rant is going to be about cameras that don't have flashes! Please remember, this is just my current pet peeve. It's not the most spectacular thing occupying my mind right now, just happens to be at the forefront. I'm not THAT dull. Really.

Cameras without flashes really, really annoy me. With me so far? No? Then allow me to provide you with an example. Imagine you're at home, trying to get a picture of your dog. Oh, cooperate, just pretend you have a dog. Anyway, you're trying to snap a candid picture of your insanely cute dog so you can email the pic to a friend. Your dog is not very helpful and won't stay still, especially not with her ears up, which would show the whole extent of her cuteness. You have tried time and again to ambush her, but either the camera wasn't on, or she was on to you and ran away.

So! You finally manage to sneak up on your dog with your brand-new digital camera/webcam. She's looking cute, ears up and everything, and you manage to snap a picture! Only to remember that you're indoors, and there is no flash!

If you haven't guessed, this happened to me today. Maybe I should be ranting about idiots instead...but I don't like insulting myself.
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