February 16th, 2005

peter's sassy research

Essay Rant

Hiya, all!! (None, actually, if we're being specific. Thank goodness no one actually READS this journal.) My rant today is in the form of an essay!! Yes, it was written for a class, and no, you can't cheat off me. Well, you CAN, but you're an idiot if you do. Although I got a grade of 97 on this essay, so it's good. But don't steal it. Please.

Hmm...what else? Ah yes, the works cited for this essay. You don't NEED to have read them to get it, but if you'd like to read them they're by Tom Adkins and Becky Birtha, from the book "Patterns for College Writing."

No, I'm not technically in college, by the way. Just taking some community college classes.

This essay's about whether gay couples should be allowed to adopt. Anyone who knows me should know which side I take (or else you're really dense). If liberal-type opinions piss you off, I'd leave now. Either that or sit there and insult me. Whatever.

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