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when the gales of November come early
12 August 2005 @ 08:05 pm

To reiterate from a previous chapter...I HATE DIALOGUE. Writing it, that is. And the fact that my dialogue is teh crap worsens the fact. And if LJ effs up my punctuation again, point it out, will you? Anyone? Sometimes it deletes my exclamation points and question marks >.<

And in other, happier news, I made a new icon for me! *points to it and jumps around gleefully* It's teh crap, but I shall settle for what I can get, with my current Paint Shop Pro skills (or lack thereof).

Title: Heir's Choice
Author: Kish
Pairing: InuKai, other minor pairings
Genre: AU/Romance/Drama
Rating: PG (for the time being)
Summary: Kaoru is Lord Shibuki's perfect, obedient heir...up until something changes and his world turns upside down.

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