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when the gales of November come early
24 September 2005 @ 03:43 pm

Well, firstly, I would like to say that this, my second entry in the Drabble Deathmatch, can be blamed COMPLETELY on chibimono and snowym. *points at them* All their fault, I tell you! This is actually a prelude to a longer *coughsmuttiercough* fic that I'm working on at the moment.

Click for drabble!Collapse )

Secondly...I've lost the disk that had Bitter Sugar on it! *wails incoherently* I put it on something with a bunch of Yu-Gi-Oh doujin, oddly, which is probably why I lost it. Does anyone know where I can find that again? Eh, I'll look around, I'll probably be able to find it.

Thirdly...Ciara-sama, and anyone else in the way of hurricanes/tropical storms, stay safe, okay? OMG, I was reading an article on Hurricane Rita this morning. It was downgraded or something, yeah, but it's still a freaking HURRICANE. Downgraded or no, I think it's still capable of kicking some major arse. Gah. I don't like natural disasters.

Fourthly...I stole Chibi-sempai's icon XP With permission, of course. Thank you muchly, sempai!
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Current Music: Kaze no Yukue~~Inui Sadaharu