November 12th, 2005

peter's sassy research

Needing advice + Other, random stuff

Okay, first, on the advice front: does anyone on my flist have any tips for creating an animation in either Painter IX, Photoshop, or Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9? My computer art teacher suckered me into doing an animation for my final project, and frankly, I'm much better at stills than at animating them. I know basically how to transform a set of stills into a movie, but somehow I get the feeling that I'm doing it the hard way >.<

So, if anyone has any advice/hints/whatever regarding animation, it would be much appreciated ^_^


I felt like filling out a meme today, and so I did. Gah, Saturdays are so boring, yet so fun all at once. I think I'm dogsitting later, actually...that'll be neat.

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