December 12th, 2005

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New manga, apologies, a picture, etc.

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I've been so bad about commenting and replying to comments recently, I'm so sorry. Hopefully I'll catch up, and no one will kill me... >.>;;; In other news, I went to Borders today, without permission from my parents, really. I suck like that. Hopefully they wouldn't mind. Just as hopefully, they won't find out. I bought two new manga, both yaoi. I buy anything with boy lovin' in it! I'm a yaoi whore, honestly. XD

Shinobu Kokoro -Hidden Heart-, by Temari Matsumoto: This one was actually quite good. I was surprised, because it was published by a smaller company (BLU) and I'd never heard of it before. But the translations were really good (i.e. not awkward; the dialogue flowed nicely), and the art was better than most. Of course, the first story was practically shota (and my god, that kid looks freakin' undernourished), and the third story was a bit confusing, but overall the characters were likeable and the plot was decent. I'd recommend this one, especially for the middle story, which was sweet, understandable, and lovely. It's rather funny how the first two stories are about shinobi, too. They all wear Shikamaru outfits and come from a hidden village. I kept expecting them to refer to the village as Konoha. XD

Alone In My King's Harem, by Lily Hoshino: This one was the real reason I had to talk about these manga. The art was quite beautiful, but that's not the thing. The thing is, every uke in the book looked like a girl. Oh, I know, you might say that ukes are always portrayed rather femininely by Japanese authors, but you haven't seen the half of it if you haven't read this book. The first story and the third story, good lord. I swear, those two are actually het, cleverly disguised as yaoi with the pronoun "he" used on the submissive partners. If you can get past that, the stories are really cute, but trust me, it's difficult to get past that.

The fourth story, which is the only one in which both guys look like...well...guys, both are ridiculously skinny and remind me of the starving people they always show on television. Overall, my fave part of the book was the short story with the tiger, which may or may not have been bestiality (O.o;;;).

'kay, I'm done now. ^_^

Edit: Also, I meant to type the next chapter of Heir's Choice up yesterday, but was hauled off to a family party. Grr.