January 8th, 2006

peter's sassy research


I'm currently in California, somewhere...south? of Los Angeles. You'd think I'd know where I was, but whatever. I'm so tired, yet my mind refuses to sleep, probably because of the guilt. ZOMG HELEN. You'd better read this, or your email, before tomorrow, because my relatives went and planned something else for early afternoon tomorrow. *kills them* I knew I'd have trouble with them, because they're really pushy, but HONESTLY. They think I just want to go see you because mother told me to. What the frick.

In other news, I'm going to Disneyland! In other other news, I'm going with my insanely stuck-up, popular cousin who hates me. Somebody, please get me out of this? I'll be in your debt forever if you think up a way for me not to be stuck alone with her for an entire day. I bet she won't even want to go on the Peter Pan ride, and that's just unforgivable.

Oh, but the plane ride was cool. The fact that I have a room and computer to myself is cool. It's just those other things that...aren't.

And, to make this post seem at least slightly worthwhile, a haiku I wrote while on the airplane:

Kaidoh tried to flee
from Inui's newest juice,
but alas; he died.

I'm sorry, I was listening to Juice at the time. Please ignore this post; I'm jet-lagged and sleepy.

EDIT: Also, AIM doesn't seem to be working properly on this computer. We shall see tomorrow, if more people happen to be online for me to talk to, but thus far it kills my messages dead and sends them prematurely, stuff like that.