January 26th, 2006

peter's sassy research

Answer the question, people.

I have a question for everyone on my f-list.

Please, even if you've never commented ever before and will never comment ever again, please, please answer this. I really want to get an accurate picture of what my f-list would think about this idea of mine, because it affects all of you (unless you never read my entries anyway, in which case I wonder why you're reading this one).

Generally speaking, I try to post only those fics that I feel are "completed." But occasionally I go into phases during which I post everything that flows from my semi-psychotic mind. This includes fics that are not edited up to a high standard, experimental fics, very short fics that aren't extremely good, and fics that aren't really based on a coherent idea. It occurred to me that many people on my f-list may not want to read all of the fics that are simply me thinking aloud (or thinking by typing, in this case). So there's three options that I can see:

1. I can create a separate journal for the fics/drabbles that are my random musings;
2. I can mark entries in this journal as "Experimental" or the like when I post them;
3. Or I can just go on with what I'm doing if no one's as annoyed by me as I am.

Which one of these options do you guys want me to go with? Anything is fine by me, and I'm open to other suggestions. So I'm begging you, let me know what you think. Am I delusional? Go ahead and tell me that, too. It's all good.