March 23rd, 2006

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Fic: Lucky

Why is it that I love reading fluff written by other people, but when I write it, I hate it?

This fic requires a little bit of explanation. I'm in the process of writing a Taka/Yuuta fic, but Fuji is attempting to turn it into a Taka/Fuji fic. He's so bad at sharing. So I had to do something to get the Taka/Fuji out of my system (for now), and why not post it while I'm at it?

Because I'm bad at writing Taka/Fuji, that's why. I shouldn't ask myself rhetorical questions. I also shouldn't ramble before fic headers, because it looks stupid. But when has that ever stopped me before?

Title: Lucky
Author: Kish
Rating: G
Pairing: Taka/Fuji
Warning: Fluff, to a ridiculous extreme.

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