April 15th, 2006

peter's sassy research

Hey, everyone~!

Since everyone else is doing it, and since it seems like a good idea, hello to all the new people on my flist! I hope that I'll be able to entertain everyone at least a little bit. XD

And all of you, feel free to comment or poke me on IM and introduce yourselves back! On Yahoo Messenger I'm its_the_process_not_the_results, and on AIM I'm kishtrethya. One warning: I'm a complete lunatic, so if you talk to me keep that in mind. XD

My Fandoms
As I said in my post on the Friending Frenzy (which was bloody brilliant), Prince of Tennis is the only fandom I write for at the moment, unless I'm specifically requested to do otherwise. I've written for Harry Potter, Hikaru no Go, Yami no Matsuei, DNAngel, Petshop of Horrors, Yu-Gi-Oh! (waaaaay in the past), InuYasha (also waaaaaay in the past), Bleach, FAKE, Gravitation, and probably a few others.

My Pairings
This is a weird thing to say, given that I have no real PoT OTP. XD It's so hard to pick just one when all of them go so well together! The pairing closest to my heart is probably InuKai, but the pairing I have the most fun writing is MomoKai (or MomoKamio, which is fun too). Right now I'm on an intense TezuRyo streak because of the beauty and subtlety of the pairing (in my humble opinion, of course).

I adore reading FujiInui and am writing some as we speak. I love Golden Pair and Silver Pair, and I've also fallen in love with Fujicest. TakaFuji was my first OTP after the scene in the manga where Taka protects Fuji and hurts his wrist, and I still believe in their True Love. FujiEiji is the pairing that I have the second most fun writing, after MomoKai. And, er, I'm working on a Fuji/Nanjiroh fic, which I love for all the wrong reasons. *cough* I'm also a proud supporter of many other pairings too numerous to list here.

In other words, ask me to write anything and I'll probably do it. ^___^

I rarely post about real life unless something particularly amusing or traumatizing has occurred. I try to include at least a bit of fanfic in every post, although I may just be lazy and not include any in this particular post. I post fairly frequently because I write constantly, whether it be one-liners, drabbles, or longer ficcage. Recently I've been posting every day, which may or may not annoy some people. >.>;;;

I post so often that there's probably no way anyone will read everything I write. So don't feel compelled to do so, and certainly don't feel compelled to comment, even if you do read. I'm so terrible at commenting myself. Probably everyone else is better and more consistent than I am. Also, feel free to friend me or defriend me whenever you like. I'm very easygoing on that count.

Ooh, one other thing: I don't edit my fics at all, and so I love constructive criticism. I can't bear to read over my own work myself, so I take the lazy man's way out and rely on others. So please, if you see a mistake in a fic, point it out! Some of you are very good about this, and I'm grateful for that. :D

I think that's all. I'm working on MomoKai fic at the moment, so that may or may not be posted later. *goes back to squeeing over the pairing and the fighting and the fantastic chemistry between the two of them*
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peter's sassy research

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I get such wonderful fanart drawn for me, and I don't even deserve it. ♥ Look! Gothic Lolita Eiji here! Drawn by the absolutely wonderful banana_onigiri. ^___________^

And, because writing is basically my life, here are a couple of drabbles. ♥

Restrictions, by kishmet. MomoKai, G, humor/romance.

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Ambition, by kishmet. Inui, Kaidoh, and Hazue, G, also humor. I found this in my notebook and was amused enough to type it up.

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