April 19th, 2006

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ACK. STOP POSTING WHEN I CAN'T BE ONLINE, PEOPLE. Wait, wait, no, I'm lying. Please don't stop posting. But if anyone's willing to drop a comment with any links to anything I should be seeing during this week when I'm (technically) grounded from the internet, I will be your slave love you forever. Fic, fanart, screencaps, anything you want me to see. Because I know I won't be able to catch up with my flist otherwise. ;_;

Also, I can no longer do anything in Biology class BUT write crack. Actually, I seem unable to write anything but crack and fluff at any time. I don't know whether to mourn or rejoice.

Untitled, G, TezuRyo-ish at the end because I cannot help myself. Crack.

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Plus an added bonus crack conversation! XD TezuRyo again.

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Okay, I'm done 'til Friday now.
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