June 1st, 2006

peter's sassy research

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I've noticed a problem today. Admittedly, said problem is of my own making and therefore it should not be permissible for me to complain about it. However, as I already started this post to complain about it, here goes anyway.

I haven't checked my friends list for at least a week, possible two weeks now. Actually, it might be even longer. I keep telling myself, oh, sure, I'll catch up someday soon. Then I actually go to LJ and realize that I have something like a thousand posts to catch up on, and I promptly go and devour a box of Girl Scout cookies to make myself feel better. That might be why I'm sick today, come to think of it.

The problem is that people keep posting. Obviously. And it's not really a problem. SO! Again, as I said once before when I was behind, please give me links! I am on my knees (ON YOUR KNEES, says Sephiroth, so I obey) humbly pleading with those on my flist to give me links to fics, art, or anything else that might have been posted in my absence. I like every PoT pairing (plus most FFVII ones). I like any rating, any genre, anything. Just give me links and I will be happy. Please?

Oh, do I hate making pointless posts, but I suppose one is inevitable once in a while. Now I humbly beg forgiveness, too. Links? [/shamelessness]