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when the gales of November come early
06 June 2006 @ 11:41 pm
Went to my grandfather’s wake (visitation, they call it, in some places?) today, which was...well. It was like going to a random party where you don’t know anyone, but they all know who you are and want to hug you and offer condolences. Needless to say, did not enjoy myself much, yet tried to socialize anyway.

What do you say when someone says “I’m sorry” at something like this? At first I was saying, “Oh, it’s okay,” but that garnered me some strange looks. Is “Thank you” a more appropriate thing to say? It must be, I guess. But “I’m sorry.” “Thank you.”? That doesn’t sound right either. Also, does anyone else think it’s strange to hold a gathering at which the aim is to look at a dead person? It seems a tiny bit morbid to me, though my mom says it’s nice.

Having my younger cousins there was amusing, at least for the first hour or so. My cousin Connor (age 4, I think) and my cousin Emma (age...3? Yes, I have no clue) had a very interesting conversation when they arrived.

Connor (looking at the coffin): How did they get him in there?
My aunt: Well, they just lifted him in, honey.
Connor: But how did he fit? (I was wondering this myself, as my grandfather was 6'5" and the coffin was definitely shorter than that. Note to self: research funeral home practices for this)
My aunt: He just did, honey.
Emma: But when are they going to take him out?
Connor (yelling, of course): Never! He’s dead!

Little kids are so cute sometimes, in a very it-would-be-creepy-if-anyone-else-said-it kind of way. I admire the honesty.

I’ve got to go and catch up on comments. I’ve got to reply to the ones I have before I post anything else, asdhfjkladshfjksdflk.
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