June 29th, 2006

peter's sassy research

Fic: Romance (TezuRyo)

Wow, am I sunburned. Maybe I'll actually listen to my mother's advice about sunscreen from now on. Or not. Anyway...

Romance, by kishmet. TezuRyo, G, humor'ish/romance. Thank you to Aja for being willing to read this last night, and for suggesting the fic to begin with! :D

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peter&#39;s sassy research

Yes, Kish, there really is a memories feature on LJ. And a drabble. And host clubs.

I finally realized that organizing my fics will be way easier if I simply PUT THEM IN MY MEMORIES. I should have figured that out awhile ago. Sheesh.

Therefore, a good half of my fics (maybe) are now sorted into my memories and will be more accessible that way. I feel as though I've accomplished something. And it only took me an hour and a half! :D

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And I can put it right into my memories. Ah, joy. ♥♥♥

Edit: I want a host club by my house. Plus some money to spend at it, because right now they're clearly out of my price range.