July 18th, 2006

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Fic update, and more Kish Picture-a-Thon!

It's thunderstorming rather badly here. I'm actually risking my life in order to be on the internet right now, or so my mother tells me. I figure, heck, I'm hard to kill, and my files are all backed up, so if my computer gets fried...uh...

New topic~! Fics. Of course, I'm not posting any, but writing, oh, that's a completely different story. As of this point (3rd day of my hiatus-from-posting) I have completed:

(x) The Tezuka/Ryoma wedding fic!
(x) The fic where everyone thinks Ryoma is Tezuka's younger brother! (Plot bunny courtesy of Aja, thank you!)
(x) Karupin Mark II! (Inui/Kaidoh, by the way. XD)
(x) Four Inui/Tezuka drabbles! (;D to the person who knows what I mean. XD)
(x) That Tezuka/Tachibana thing I should have finished eons ago! (I'm
(x) Part of my fic for pillarchallenge, although I'll never post it there because I have a phobia of posting in comms! XD;;

Also, here are some pictures of me, seeing as I got some complaints due to the lack of them yesterday. XD

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I can go four more days without posting fic. Really I can.