August 4th, 2006

peter's sassy research

Fic: Facilitation (InuKai) + a little bit of whining.

My computer crashed today. It's done so before, gone to a blue screen that told me I had to shut down, so I wasn't worried at first. Then I tried to turn it back on again, only to find hard drive had been completely wiped. And, fool that I was, I have saved virtually nothing on disk. I have the fics I've posted to LJ, but not the ones I've been working on, and not my original ones. Damn. Note to self: next time, use external hard drive for storage purposes.

Frick. Luckily (?) my fallback measure when I'm depressed is to write fic, on my mother's laptop in this case, of course.

Facilitation, by kishmet. InuKai, G, 1000(ish) words. This is actually the third version of this fic. In the first two, Inui built a Karupin robot. >.>

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