September 7th, 2006

peter's sassy research

I don't know what I should put as the subject of this post. Uh...

In case anyone's wondering whether I'm dead or not (having not posted since, I don't know, Sunday), the answer is no. I am not. Here is a short summary of what I'm doing and my life at the moment, which should explain. Fear not! It's not completely depressing. Just in case anyone doesn't want to be depressed at all, I've put the ones that could be called depressing behind cuts. :D

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3.) My Film as Art class is brilliant. (My teacher reminds me of Atobe.) This has nothing to do with anything, except that I'm obsessed with reading through the textbook now.

4.) Marlon Brando is hot in On The Waterfront. *__________* This is completely irrelevant, but OH SO TRUE.

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7.) Every fic I write has been getting ridiculously long. Yes, this is a good thing. It makes me happy, because then I get to work on them longer. :D
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