October 6th, 2006

peter's sassy research

Randomness. (Fic. I guess.)

Just today I found one of the notebooks I'd lost. I lose notebooks all the time. It's a little bit sad and pathetic. I only lose them after they're already full of fic that hasn't been typed up. Woe.

Um. Anyway. Half of this notebook is full of drabbles and ficlets for previous pillarchallenges. I probably won't post any more of them, because I wrote all of these when I was half asleep. I'll post one, though, just so I can prove to you how much all these ficlets suck. They're so random.

And I think I'll make a phone post later, too...if I work up the courage. Okay, okay, I'll stop rambling. I'm so sleepy right now. @_@

Hear, by kishmet. TezuRyo, G. Complete and utter crap, but that's all right.

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