October 24th, 2006

peter's sassy research

Essay Filter

I have a question for those of you on my flist: which of you would like to be on the new essay filter I'm creating? I'll be posting a lot of my schoolwork on this filter, including essays and newspaper analyses, along with rants and essays I write for my own benefit. The content will vary, of course, but at the moment I have a Sociology class (Sex, Gender and Power is the full name of the thing), an American Politics class, a Film as Art class, and a Philosophy class. The majority of essays at the moment will be for Sociology, as I have to write six newspaper analyses for that class.

Bear in mind that my nonfiction writings will have definite liberal leanings, and also that some of them will be academic bullshit made to please my professors. (The Sociology ones won't be bullshit. She doesn't like jargon, which is nice.) If you're on the filter, you have license to critique, argue, comment or not on whatever you'd like.

If you don't comment to this post, you will not be put on the essay filter. Frankly, I can't imagine it will interest anyone. If it doesn't, then I'll just post the things privately.