November 28th, 2006

peter's sassy research

Pretend this isn't fic.

This is such complete and total crap and ajksdlfkasd Sam, my fics will never be as good as your requests. I'll go on trying, though, and maybe someday-! (Or not. Probably not.) Also, if anyone knows the real names of Momo's siblings, let me know! I had to make them up.

The Female Persuasion, by kishmet. MomoKai, PG, 7,340 words. From samenashi's prompt: MomoKai; Kaidoh turns into a girl for a week/Momo finds it hilarious/Kaidoh gets angry, but it's not very threatening because he's all tiny and dainty. I didn't exactly follow the prompt. I fail so much.

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