November 29th, 2006

peter's sassy research

Christmas list~!

I was just going to bed (I got up at 6 am and I have to get up tomorrow! I stayed up an hour later than I should have! I hate sleeping, though, so it's all good) when I finally thought of what I wanted for Christmas. I'd been trying to think for a few days now, since everyone posted their wishlists and all, and frankly, there's not much that I need. And if I request fic, I just want to write it myself.

One thing I do want, though, are phone calls! Well, more accurately, phone messages, since I'm too nervous to ever pick up the phone. It's my cell phone number I'll post here, so that none of you have to go through my parents or siblings. (Which would be...very interesting.)

My cell phone number is 1 (630) 674-6034. Don't worry, I know that phone bills are ridiculously high, so I don't actually expect anyone to do it. But if you do call, at least tell me who you are! Otherwise I'll go crazy wondering who it was. XD It doesn't matter if you talk to me a lot or not; if you want to, then call me!

Also, comment to this post if there's anything you want for Christmas that I can do! I can do cards and letters! I can do seasonal fics! (Although whether they'll be done in time for Christmas, I don't know for sure yet. XD) I can't do art. I fail miserably at art. But any of those other things are fair game! If you don't know if I can do something, just ask! All comments will be screened, naturally. ♥!