February 14th, 2007

peter's sassy research

Fic: Lovestruck

So I was going to post a TezuRyo fic and an AtoRyo drabble today, but the TezuRyo fic (affectionately known, to me anyway, as The Fic That Would Not Die) is still not finished, and the AtoRyo drabble turned into something quite a bit longer and more ridiculous. That means that you all get an Atobe/Ryoma fic today instead, and a TezuRyo drabble tomorrow, and the long TezuRyo fic, er, by sometime next year. Happy Valentine's Day anyway, everyone!

Lovestruck, by kishmet. AU, AtoRyo, PG, 5,000 words. Cupid Ryoma shows Atobe how to have a good time on Valentine's Day.

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